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May Showers After the Rain Sale

Whew! The temperatures have been in the 90’s all week long!  I’ve been looking forward to spending sunny days outdoors, with my hands in the dirt; by lunchtime, however, I am …

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Mother Earth and I Celebrate Another Year

2011 will be an exciting time spent experimenting with wood and cloth. Joe has been talking for months about purchasing a sewing machine for me – as a BIRTHDAY present, no less! – which means I’ll be cursing and stitching my fingers to assorted fabrics in an effort to create some stuffed animals for my shop. ;)

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Disgusting People With A Little Help From Regretsy

Regretsy.com, known for its infamous roasting of certain Etsy artists – the ones who sculpt customized vagina necklaces and crochet (“crotchet”) penis sock puppets,
– had finally stumbled across my humble storefront and found gross delight in my “Kittney Plays the Field” digital painting.
I should have seen it coming, and no doubt stayed hidden under the bed…. but I knew when I created Kittney that she might cause a stir.

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