Six of Cups

  • 78Tarot Carnival SIx of Cups
  • Final sketch for Six of Cups, 78Tarot Carnival
    Pencil sketch for Six of Cups
  • Sepia shading of Six of Cups 78Tarot Carnival
    Sepia shading of Six of Cups

The “Six of Cups” is an acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 16″x20″. It is my contribution to the 78Tarot project’s 3rd Tarot deck, to be published in 2016.

My card, “Six of Cups”, represents childhood innocence and nostalgia. The card is traditionally depicted with two children playing together in a courtyard, surrounded by golden cups holding white flowers. The buildings in the background are symbols for security and safety, and the barren ground implies lost happiness from the past.

My main character is a Bengal kitty, who works as a circus performer, and is sitting at her dressing room mirror.  Through the mirror’s reflection, she is watching a group of children being entertained by a juggling clown, which likely triggers memories of her own childhood experiences with the circus, perhaps reminding her of why she chose this profession. On her vanity are vintage photographs of her loved ones, and a letter is lying open beside her. One of the six cups is acting as a vase to hold a bouquet of white flowers.

Seventy eight artists from around the world collaborated together on the 78Tarot project; we were each assigned one card, with the freedom to interpret the Carnival/Circus theme in our own style. I also created “Five of Pentacles” for the 1st Edition deck, and the the Five of Wands (a.k.a Pirates’ Cave) for the 2nd Nautical-themed deck.

Archival prints and other gifts featuring “Six of Cups” can be purchased online in my shop, and from me personally at shows.

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