Page of Swords

“Page of Swords” is an acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 11″x14″. It is my contribution to the 78Tarot project’s 4th Tarot deck, “Astral”, to be published in 2017.

My card represents thoughts & ideas conveyed via a messenger. It also invokes the optimistic beginning of an adventure or quest. The card is traditionally depicted with a page boy standing on a rocky cliff, overlooking the sea. A sword is held aloft in his hands, the wind flows through his hair, and a flock of birds are flying in the distant sky.

I have kept most of the symbolism of the original card intact, simply adding an “outer-space” vibe (i.e. a meteor shower replacing the birds). The page figure is a homage to my 1980’s childhood classics, Thunder-Cats and She-Ra, as well as the character, Nariko, from the 2007 video-game “Heavenly Sword”. The open portal behind her is reminiscent of a “Stargate” from sci-fi film/television, with its ancient alien symbols representing the written message being delivered through space and time.

Seventy eight artists from around the world collaborated together on the 78Tarot project; we were each assigned one card, with the freedom to interpret the Astral/Space theme in our own style. I have also participated in the previous 3 decks: creating the “Five of Pentacles” for 2014’s 1st Edition deck, the Five of Wands (a.k.a Pirates’ Cave) for 2015’s Nautical deck, and the Six of Cups for 2016’s Carnival/Circus deck.

Archival prints and other gifts featuring “Page of Swords” can be purchased online in my shop, and from me personally at shows.

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