Mrs Lovett Cat

  • Mrs Lovett Cat art by TaraFly
  • Mrs Lovett Sketch
    Mrs Lovett Cat pencil sketch
  • Underpainting for Mrs Lovett Cat

“Miss Lovett Cat” is an acrylic painting on watercolor paper, measuring 9″x12″. It was painted for the Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s January 2016 auction, themed “Penny Dreadful Tales”.

The tale of murderous barber, Sweeney Todd, and his pie maker accomplice, Mrs Lovett, was first published as an 18-episode penny dreadful serial called “The String of Pearls” in 1846. It was a huge hit, in part because meat-pie sellers in Victorian-era London were already suspected of substituting cats and dogs in place of higher quality meats. I decided to have a bit of morbid fun with that notion, by painting Mrs Lovett herself as a cat! ;)

“Mrs. Mooney has a pie shop!
Does a business but I notice something weird.
Lately all her neighbors’ cats have disappeared!
Have to hand it to her ~ What I calls Enterprise
Poppin’ pussies into pies!
Wouldn’t do in my shop!
Just the thought of it’s enough to make you sick!
And I’m tellin’ you, them pussycats is quick!
No denying times is hard, sir.
Even harder than the worst pies in London!”
― Stephen Sondheim lyrics

Archival prints and other gifts featuring Mrs Lovett Cat can be purchased in my shop, and from me personally at shows.

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