Pirates' Treasure Cave

  • Pirate Treasure Cat Art by TaraFly.
  • Painting Pirates' Cave Cat Art
    Painting the base values of Pirates' Cave.

Seventy eight artists from around the world collaborated together to publish our 2nd Tarot deck. We were each assigned one card, and had total freedom to interpret the Nautical theme in our own style.

My card, “Five of Wands”, represents competition and disagreement. Usually portrayed as five figures in mock combat with staffs, they aren’t necessarily trying to hurt each other, but each wants to be in charge. This card implies there are “too many chiefs”, differing viewpoints, a lack of cooperation, a dysfunctional team… and there is usually a goal at stake (i.e. “going for the gold”).

As our Tarot theme was Nautical, I decided to paint a band of pirate kitties on a quest to find buried treasure. They are successful, but gold-lust takes over as they attempt to divide the spoils. Each pirate believes he deserves the biggest share! I chose to show them brandishing torches, because the suit of wands in Tarot is represented by the element of fire. :)

“Five of Wands”, also known as “Pirates’ Cave”, is an acrylic painting that I created for the 78Tarot Project. This was our second 78Tarot deck to be published following a successful Kickstarter campaign. I also created “Five of Pentacles” for the 1st Edition deck, and “Six of Cups” for our Carnival deck. :)

Archival prints and other gifts featuring Five of Wands/Pirates’ Cave can be purchased in my shop, and from me personally at shows.

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