Colony of Cats

  • Gothic Fairytale Cat Portrait by TaraFly
  • Colony of Cats pencil sketch
    Rough pencil sketch before painting

“Colony of Cats” is an original acrylic painting on watercolor paper measuring 5″x7″.

It was painted for my Rabbit Hole Artist Collective group auction, “Gothic Fairytales”, in February 2015. It was inspired by my favorite fairy-tale of the same name ~ a Cinderella-like story involving a family of cats who helped a girl escape from her wicked step-mother and step-sister, and set her on the path to marrying a prince. ;)

(You can read it here on Project Gutenberg ~ BEWARE: the page is bright pink! LOL)

“Long, long ago, as far back as the time when animals spoke, there lived a colony of cats in a deserted house they had taken possession of not far from a large town.”

~ The Colony of Cats

Archival prints and other gifts featuring “The Colony of Cats” are available to purchase in my shop, and from me personally at art shows.

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