Catherine Parr

King Henry VIII’s sixth and last wife, Catherine Parr, had been twice widowed before marrying Henry. After the death of her second husband, Lord Latimer, Catherine found herself a place in Lady Mary’s household, as her mother, Maud Parr, had been close friends with Henry’s first queen, Catherine of Aragon. It was only a matter of time before she caught Henry’s eye, though she loved another man.

She was an intelligent woman, serving as Regent for young Prince Edward while Henry was away fighting in Boulogne, France. She was also successful at convincing Henry to restore his daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, to the line of succession. Her sympathy towards the Protestant religion nearly cost her everything, but she was able to reconcile with Henry and avoid being arrested for heresy. She survived him (lucky lady!) ~ and was free to marry her secret love, Thomas Seymour, brother to the late Queen Jane Seymour.

“Catherine Parr” is an acrylic painting from my series of cat portraits featuring the Wives of Henry VIII, part of the “Tudor Cats Collection”.

Archival prints of Queen Catherine can be purchased in my shop, and from me personally at shows.

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