Catherine Howard

King Henry VIII’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard, was the sixteen-year-old cousin of Anne Boleyn, and a lady-in-waiting to his former wife, Anne of Cleves. She had been raised by relatives in an undisciplined lifestyle, and had already been involved intimately with two suitors prior to her arrival at court.

She was young, beautiful, and vibrant ~ and naturally caught Henry’s eye, as he was miserable in his politically arranged marriage. She was also imprudent, and her indiscretions continued after she became Queen, as it was soon discovered that she was carrying on an affair with one of Henry’s stewards, Thomas Culpepper.

I have painted her as a mischievous Siamese with bewitching blue eyes.
“Catherine Howard” is an acrylic painting from my series of cat portraits featuring the Wives of Henry VIII, part of the “Tudor Cats Collection”.

Archival prints of Queen Catherine can be purchased in my shop, and from me personally at shows.

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