Betsy Ross Cat

  • Betsy Ross Cat art by Tara Fly
  • Betsy Ross Cat Painting in Progress
    Grey scale under-painting of Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross was a seamstress in Philadelphia during the American Revolutionary War, and American folklore credits her as the creator of the first American Flag, which she presented to General George Washington in the spring of 1776.

“From dusk till dawn the livelong night
She kept the tallow dips alight,
And fast her nimble fingers flew
To sew the stars upon the blue.
With weary eyes and aching head
She stitched the stripes of white and red.
And when the day came up the stair
Complete across a carven chair
Hung Betsy’s battle-flag.”
~ Minna Irving, 1872-?

“Betsy Ross Cat” is an acrylic portrait, on a canvas panel, that I painted for Independence Day. The original has sold.

Archival prints featuring Betsy Ross Cat can be purchased in my shop, and from me personally at shows.

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