Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn ~ a woman who inspired King Henry VIII to divorce a wife beloved by his people, and rise against the Roman Catholic Church and its powerful Pope.
She was the face of the English Reformation, and ultimately a face of tragedy, condemned to death by a husband whose hatred burned as deeply as his desire.

Anne was spirited and strong-willed, passionate and politically-minded, who captured the heart of King Henry while she served as maid of honor to his first wife, Queen Catherine of Aragon.
Her refusal to become his mistress challenged Henry, causing him to wage religious war on Catholicism and establish himself as Supreme Head of the Church of England, thereby granting himself permission to marry her. Anne gave birth to one heir, the princess (and future queen) Elizabeth.

“Anne Boleyn” is an acrylic painting from my series of cat portraits featuring the Wives of Henry VIII, part of the “Tudor Cats Collection”.

Archival prints of Anne Boleyn Cat can be purchased in my shop, and from me personally at art shows.

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