I love meeting people who enjoy my artwork, and answering their questions about my inspiration and process.  I often find myself explaining and telling the same stories, over and over, LOL!

Here are the Top Ten Questions I get asked online and at shows.  =)

Frequently Asked Questions

#1.  How did I get started painting cats?

#2.  Why don’t I paint dogs?

#3.  Can I paint your cat (if you give me a picture)?

#4.  How long does it take to paint one of my portraits?

#5. How do I scan and print my artwork?

#6. Which types of paper and ink do I use?

#7. Do I actually make all these (bookmarks, plaques, key-chains) myself?

#8. If I paint your cat, will I also make/sell prints of it?

#9. Can I customize something (a print, card, plaque) for your friend?

#10. Can you suggest which breed of cat(s) I should paint next?

I will likely be adding more questions & answers as I remember to write them down…. and if your question isn’t here, please e-mail me: tarafly@taraflyart.com

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