Painting Cats in Clothes Inspired by Literature


The Post Where I Rant About English

My idyllic world on a cloud came crashing down when my daughter matter-of-factly informed me that "teachers don't have enough time to read all of our papers, so we have a computer program that grades our essays and gives feedback."
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4 Reasons Not To Sing Christmas Carol Parodies in November

A few weeks ago, I received the funniest bit of spam that I’ve ever read in my entire 2.5 years of blogging… (gosh, I’m such a newbie!) It was written …

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The Real Truth About Creation…How the World Was Made

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” ~ Genesis 1:1 To hear a human tell it, you’d think it was The Beginning… but what do humans know? …

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Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Poem

I’ve been meaning to spruce up my various online profiles with a new bio… but describing myself in a few succinct paragraphs, while still maintaining the essence of an active …

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An Untitled Cat Poem

Lizzy and Darcy taking a turn about the garden, at Longborne    Cat Poem by Tara Fly    “Set out a saucer of milk, dear And lend me your ears …

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