My Thoughts on Beauty And The Beast, the 2017 Film

Last night, I took my two daughters, ages 14 & 9, and my son, turning-8-in-two-weeks, to see the debut of Disney’s live-action film,”Beauty & the Beast”. If you haven’t heard …

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Why I Sell Prints of Custom Portraits

Creating reproduction prints and gifts using my artwork allows me to sell original cat paintings at prices that are affordable to people with average budgets. Every single customer is important to me! If you only purchase a bookmark, I appreciate that you spent a few dollars on my cat art.
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Which Types of Ink and Papers Do I Use?

I’ve been meaning to create a “Materials List” for awhile now, to distribute at craft shows, because I’m often asked this question by customers and other artists. I’m proud of …

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365 Days of Love, and Giveaway Winner Announced

Today, on February 15th, is the day we ought to celebrate Valentine’s… considering every store has discounted their candy and themed merchandise: I love you, snookums, and look! I bought …

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