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Lessons From Tragedy, and Remembering Christian

Sometimes life throws an unexpected gut-wrenching twist into your predictable routine, and like the first ice-cold blast of water shooting from the shower faucet – in that instant when your …

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Jane Austen and I Chat About the Super Bowl

“I have not had the pleasure of understanding football.” – Writershouses on Twitter
Whenever the Super Bowl rears its ugly head, Joe and I lock our doors, turn off all the lights, and hide in the hall closet… until the yellow and black banners slowly disappear like melting snow from windows and porches around our neighborhood.

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Mother Earth and I Celebrate Another Year

2011 will be an exciting time spent experimenting with wood and cloth. Joe has been talking for months about purchasing a sewing machine for me – as a BIRTHDAY present, no less! – which means I’ll be cursing and stitching my fingers to assorted fabrics in an effort to create some stuffed animals for my shop. ;)

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The Gift of Friendship and Art

Following artist Jessica Doyle on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Wordpress, Buzz, and Flickr… eh, does that sound stalkerish? …over the last year and a half has been really meaningful for me, because she is full of insight and wisdom. And she doesn’t mind sharing it with us.

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Disgusting People With A Little Help From Regretsy, known for its infamous roasting of certain Etsy artists – the ones who sculpt customized vagina necklaces and crochet (“crotchet”) penis sock puppets,
– had finally stumbled across my humble storefront and found gross delight in my “Kittney Plays the Field” digital painting.
I should have seen it coming, and no doubt stayed hidden under the bed…. but I knew when I created Kittney that she might cause a stir.

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Pride and Prejudice, Cats, and a New Contest!

Still, however, there are many key characters that need to be created at the beginning… and my mind is starting to whirl at the prospect of casting such a large number of cats. Therefore, I’ve decided to host the first of several contests on my facebook fanpage.
I’d like to invite everyone who is a fan, and anyone who would like to join, to share your favorite photos of your cat(s) on my fanpage. I want to see expressive cat faces! You are invited to vote for your favorites by Clicking “Like” and commenting on which character you think they ought to portray.

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Junket At Thirty

I, on the other hand, was poorly acting in school plays, deciding whether to move to Minnesota, attend a performing-arts school, or get a job and my own apartment. I chose the job – to gain independence, entered into the world of retail, and have struggled to find my soul again for the last 10 years.

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