Growing a Rainforest?

Everyone is so obsessed with reading the soup labels, looking for that evil MSG, sodium, and trans-fat, perhaps they should start making their soups from scratch and forget preserved canned food altogether. But I personally like how men can blow $100 on groceries and come home with nothing except snacks. ;)

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Reflecting on Respect

As I was coloring my Kittney Flears illustration …(Britney Spears + cat)… my mind wandered onto the topic of world peace. One might wonder about the connection between the two, but for me, it’s plainly obvious.

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The Meaning of Love

If your store runs out of bread, thank the associate for their hard work and then grab some flour and yeast to bake your own. If your favorite pants don’t get washed for a couple days, or God forbid, you don’t have a clean shirt to wear… Take the initiative and throw a load into the washer.

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Humbug Infestation?

One of the most irritating things about commercializing Christmas (for me, anyhow) is the amount of stereotyping you find. Everyone is pigeonholed into a nifty little phrase or a couple keywords.
“My Handyman Husband”, “My Computer Geek Father”, “Our Son the Quarterback”, “Spa and Facial Lovin’ Sister-in-law”.
We wives automatically get jewelry, whether we want it or not… and apparently ALL teenagers love Twilight! It’s only a matter of knowing which “team” they’re on. Pul-eeeeze.

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Cooking and Cleaning, Oh My!

Don’t get me wrong, I do know how to cook… despite what my ex-husband may tell you. Don’t listen to him.
It was sheer laziness that prompted me to reach for those TV dinners, not lack of ability.
I decided to look at cooking as a new adventure to experiment with… like my shampoo adventure… except this time, I could
still eat my mistakes. Well.. most of them. Okay, so shoot me, I didn’t remember to cut the grizzle off the turkey pieces
before adding them to my pot pie. Just spit them out! Sheesh. ;)

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I’m not sure who said the famous line, “You only get one chance to make a great first impression”… But that individual is solely responsible for millions of empty blogs …

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