If the Pattern Wills It…

“Always something new, always something I didn’t expect, and sometimes it isn’t horrible.” ~ Rand Al’Thor, The Great Hunt Someone once optimistically said, “No news is good news”… and I …

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Lessons From Tragedy, and Remembering Christian

Sometimes life throws an unexpected gut-wrenching twist into your predictable routine, and like the first ice-cold blast of water shooting from the shower faucet – in that instant when your …

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Blogs and Barbers, Fairy Wings and Sparkly Fangs

While under the influence from influenza and fever, TaraFly shares her thoughts on the movie adaption of Sweeney Todd, her son’s decision to wear fairy wings, the pressure to be an “expert” and SEO obsessed, and the power of emotional vampires. You might need medicine, too, after reading this…

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Paying the Price: Time Versus Family

Putting in extra hours on the job, and working every holiday, was par for the course as a retail manager. I completely defined my sense of self by a title and a paycheck. But I haven’t regretted one minute of my new role as a stay-at-home mom, and you want to know why?
There isn’t a day that goes by, when I’m not reminded of all the missed opportunities…

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You’re In The ARMY, Mr. Cat …And Mommy Is Enlisting in Boot Camp

“What motivates you?” is not a simple question after all.. but I can appreciate the exercise which causes us to dig deeper and put a human face to the formidable obstacle on our calendars, and in our own minds. In my case, it has four distinct faces… keeping in mind that my family will benefit the most from a successful holiday season.

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Things I Wish We’d Learned in Marriage Class

I wouldn’t normally blog about a personal matter like this, but because my last personal blog about domestic violence was helpful to other women, I felt these ruminations needed to be shared as well.
Because many, many couples are suffering from the same issues – I hear the complaints all the time – but the answers are seldom clear.

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A Story in Pictures

Whenever I pick up a scrap of paper, or study the faces in a photograph, my life becomes intertwined with theirs… perhaps in a minor insignificant way, perhaps in a more substantial way. If I reach out with my energy, I might as well be touching their hand.

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Domestic Violence is Never Justified

I think people are afraid to admit that they’ve been abused or mistreated by their partners, because society still blames the victims. And for women like me, who adamantly refuse to be considered “victims”, the admission means we’re insecure and unable to stand our ground. People will judge us for being too blinded by infatuation, or too naïve, to recognize the “warning signs” and for not getting outside help… but ironically, many of us do turn to our loved ones for advice, to find they are also in denial.

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