Catmint, allysum, chrysanthemum

My November Cottage Garden

In mid-November, I captured a few final photographs of my cottage garden before a week-long frost swept in and killed the majority of my plants. I also took a couple shots of our first snowfall in the garden.
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Walking in fields of gold

Fields of Gold and Lace

My Wish List of "Plants to Plant" is growing longer every time I encounter something lovely, and my eyes are bigger than my garden! We walk through fields of gold, purple, and Queen Anne's lace, and I was so inspired by their blooms that they will definitely be planted in my garden next spring.
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Puddle of rain in clover

My Cottage Rainforest Garden

With Baltimore County under a tornado warning, here in western Maryland, we have been receiving heavy rainstorms every few hours. My poor little garden now resembles a wetland swamp. All that I need are a few alligators!
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vintage books on a shelf

Treasures in a Second Hand Bookstore Continued….

One of the books that I purchased for myself, a first edition 1911 hardcover of George Bernard Shaw: His Life and Works by Archibald Henderson, caught my attention because it included dozens of vintage clippings and images from turn-of-the-20th-century plays and actors.
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A Perfect Autumn Day in Pictures

The weather was glorious this weekend… bright sunshine, fresh autumn air, and a balmy temperature of 63 degrees. Since Lydia and I spent the majority of Saturday indoors at the …

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Following In Her Footsteps

“Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice….” ~ Robert Frost We’ve had an unusually hot March this year, with temperatures reaching the low 80s, prompting …

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A New Year, A New World

We’ve survived the first week of January…. I’m assuming you’ve survived, too, if you’re reading this post. Do ghosts communicate via the Internet? I wonder. I dropped a bombshell on …

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