Tales From a Grocery Manager

Junket At Thirty

I, on the other hand, was poorly acting in school plays, deciding whether to move to Minnesota, attend a performing-arts school, or get a job and my own apartment. I chose the job – to gain independence, entered into the world of retail, and have struggled to find my soul again for the last 10 years.

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Happy Birthday Jesus, Mia, and…

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or some other variation… most of these inspirational stories center around “making do” with God’s provisions and acknowledging your blessings. I can’t find a single Yuletide tale that gives people the allowance to act like jerks and obsess over sauerkraut.

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Grocery Shopping

Etsy featured Melaniefaveau’s bread tag jewelry last night, and the sheer quirkiness of the idea inspired me to actually compose a blog. Wow! That must’ve been some muse, huh? Actually, I’ve …

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Water Aisle Discovery

I’m currently* employed full-time as a grocery manager in a large retail supercenter…. not going to mention which one, as corporate spies most likely scour the Internet daily looking for …

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