May Showers After the Rain Sale

Whew! The temperatures have been in the 90’s all week long!  I’ve been looking forward to spending sunny days outdoors, with my hands in the dirt; by lunchtime, however, I am …

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New Flower Cat, Miss Cosmos

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer!  I wish I could live outside in my garden, like the birds do. My newest painting, in the Flower Fairy Cat series, …

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My Cottage Garden in Early May

After two straight weeks of rain, my garden is beginning to resemble a miniature jungle of catmint, hostas, and coneflower foliage! I have been outside nearly every day, even in …

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My Spring Garden Awakens…

Winter is finally – officially! – over, and Spring has arrived, wearing a mantle of crocuses and daffodils. Even though clumps of daffodils expand, and eventually double or triple in …

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The Continuing Saga of Hard Drives and Lost Files

This past weekend was craaaaaazy busy, mainly because the artwork for my 78Tarot Carnival card was due on Monday… and as usual, Ms. Procrastisaurus had been taking her time getting …

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A Few Photos of Snow….

On Friday, January 22nd, we were "blessed" by an epic winter storm, affectionately nicknamed Jonas, that buried us in nearly 40" of snow. Here are a few pictures that I captured of my garden being submerged.
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Cottage Garden Spotlight: Sunflowers

Last year, Joe bought a seed packet of sunflowers as a contribution to my cottage garden. I rolled my eyes, and likely said, "Seriously?!" Sunflowers were *NOT* part of my original plan. He liked them, however, so we compromised by growing sunflowers in our backyard alongside my veggie garden.
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It’s June, It’s June, The Rainy Month of June

…The month when every perennial plant comes bursting into bloom! Seriously, it has rained nearly every day this month, from slight drizzles to all-day downpours that prompted flood warnings from …

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Goodbye, April Showers! Hello, May Flowers!

It's hard to believe that in May of last year, my garden was still in its infancy. I have planted thousands of seeds again this year, including sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias, foxgloves, more hollyhocks, and hyacinth beans.
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Another Spring Garden Post Full of Pretty Pictures

The weather has been so beautiful these past few weeks (high 60s/low 70s), with a gorgeous cool breeze that picks up the scents of my flowers and carries them indoors... because I have ALL the windows and doors open! I have spent countless hours in my garden this month, admiring and photographing my flowers as they emerge.
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