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Humbug Infestation?

One of the most irritating things about commercializing Christmas (for me, anyhow) is the amount of stereotyping you find. Everyone is pigeonholed into a nifty little phrase or a couple keywords.
“My Handyman Husband”, “My Computer Geek Father”, “Our Son the Quarterback”, “Spa and Facial Lovin’ Sister-in-law”.
We wives automatically get jewelry, whether we want it or not… and apparently ALL teenagers love Twilight! It’s only a matter of knowing which “team” they’re on. Pul-eeeeze.

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Cooking and Cleaning, Oh My!

Don’t get me wrong, I do know how to cook… despite what my ex-husband may tell you. Don’t listen to him.
It was sheer laziness that prompted me to reach for those TV dinners, not lack of ability.
I decided to look at cooking as a new adventure to experiment with… like my shampoo adventure… except this time, I could
still eat my mistakes. Well.. most of them. Okay, so shoot me, I didn’t remember to cut the grizzle off the turkey pieces
before adding them to my pot pie. Just spit them out! Sheesh. ;)

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Lost Ones

Months ago I decided to make my internet browser’s home page, not because Etsy is the Alpha and Omega of my web journeying (although once upon a time it might’ve …

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Bellasana Stables

My childhood was populated by a race of imaginary, winged cats that rivaled horses in their size. One gigantic white cat in particular, Cottonpuff, accompanied me on my various adventures, …

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Seeing Pink at Subway

I was sitting in Subway yesterday, having lunch, and watching people. Watching their feet, actually… it must be an unspoken rule for women to paint their toenails in the summer …

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