Painting Cats in Clothes Inspired by Literature

My Children

Humbug Infestation?

One of the most irritating things about commercializing Christmas (for me, anyhow) is the amount of stereotyping you find. Everyone is pigeonholed into a nifty little phrase or a couple keywords.
“My Handyman Husband”, “My Computer Geek Father”, “Our Son the Quarterback”, “Spa and Facial Lovin’ Sister-in-law”.
We wives automatically get jewelry, whether we want it or not… and apparently ALL teenagers love Twilight! It’s only a matter of knowing which “team” they’re on. Pul-eeeeze.

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Cooking and Cleaning, Oh My!

Don’t get me wrong, I do know how to cook… despite what my ex-husband may tell you. Don’t listen to him.
It was sheer laziness that prompted me to reach for those TV dinners, not lack of ability.
I decided to look at cooking as a new adventure to experiment with… like my shampoo adventure… except this time, I could
still eat my mistakes. Well.. most of them. Okay, so shoot me, I didn’t remember to cut the grizzle off the turkey pieces
before adding them to my pot pie. Just spit them out! Sheesh. ;)

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Lost Ones

Months ago I decided to make my internet browser’s home page, not because Etsy is the Alpha and Omega of my web journeying (although once upon a time it might’ve …

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Bellasana Stables

My childhood was populated by a race of imaginary, winged cats that rivaled horses in their size. One gigantic white cat in particular, Cottonpuff, accompanied me on my various adventures, …

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Seeing Pink at Subway

I was sitting in Subway yesterday, having lunch, and watching people. Watching their feet, actually… it must be an unspoken rule for women to paint their toenails in the summer …

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