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The Post Where I Rant About English

My idyllic world on a cloud came crashing down when my daughter matter-of-factly informed me that "teachers don't have enough time to read all of our papers, so we have a computer program that grades our essays and gives feedback."
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A Perfect Autumn Day in Pictures

The weather was glorious this weekend… bright sunshine, fresh autumn air, and a balmy temperature of 63 degrees. Since Lydia and I spent the majority of Saturday indoors at the …

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What Not To Wear: A Hurricane Costume

Happy Halloween! We already celebrated Halloween on Friday, the 26th of October, in Funkstown, Maryland. Lydia was attending a sophisticated party for 10-year-olds,Β while I accompanied my two toddlers in their …

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We Painted Rocks For Easter

[pullquote]Matthew 28:2 “…for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door…”[/pullquote] This Easter, instead of participating in the traditional egg …

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Following In Her Footsteps

“Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice….” ~ Robert Frost We’ve had an unusually hot March this year, with temperatures reaching the low 80s, prompting …

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Hitch Your Wagon To A Star Called Mom

Dragging the kids along on my errand runs has always been a circus act, with the usual performers: leaking sippy cups, forgotten baby wipes, hats and shoes that get stripped off and lost, toddler mood swings, motion sickness, and the myriad of toys and games that insist on tagging along.
The answer to my prayers came in the form of a red Radio Flyer, with two fold-down seats, a storage trunk, cup holders, and a detachable canopy top.
Yes, this is my alternative to the mini-van. ;)

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Mother Earth and I Celebrate Another Year

2011 will be an exciting time spent experimenting with wood and cloth. Joe has been talking for months about purchasing a sewing machine for me – as a BIRTHDAY present, no less! – which means I’ll be cursing and stitching my fingers to assorted fabrics in an effort to create some stuffed animals for my shop. ;)

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