The Post Where I Rant About English

My idyllic world on a cloud came crashing down when my daughter matter-of-factly informed me that "teachers don't have enough time to read all of our papers, so we have a computer program that grades our essays and gives feedback."
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A Perfect Autumn Day in Pictures

The weather was glorious this weekend… bright sunshine, fresh autumn air, and a balmy temperature of 63 degrees. Since Lydia and I spent the majority of Saturday indoors at the …

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What Not To Wear: A Hurricane Costume

Happy Halloween! We already celebrated Halloween on Friday, the 26th of October, in Funkstown, Maryland. Lydia was attending a sophisticated party for 10-year-olds, while I accompanied my two toddlers in their …

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We Painted Rocks For Easter

[pullquote]Matthew 28:2 “…for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door…”[/pullquote] This Easter, instead of participating in the traditional egg …

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Following In Her Footsteps

“Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice….” ~ Robert Frost We’ve had an unusually hot March this year, with temperatures reaching the low 80s, prompting …

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AfriCat Painting Video and One Last Chance to Win

Last week, I blogged about my “AfriCat” painting, which I’ve donated to the charity fundraiser “Art for the Animals”, hosted by Howards’ Arts and Frames. The good news: Howards’ is …

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