Art Give-away, Hooray!

The Give-away contest starts now, and ends at noon, Sunday the 29th of November.
There will be three winners, chosen by a name drawing. Each winner receives one of three prizes: …a geisha cat painting on fine-art paper, …a custom fantasy portrait,
…and the winner’s choice of a open-edition print from one of my shops.

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I Spy

I can’t praise my web tracker highly enough! I’ve been using Statcounter for the past couple years, tracking all my visitors to … and it has provided me with an overabundance of insight. For those of you with personal websites and blogs that allow HTML-editing access… this is the tracker you should seriously take into consideration. Test it out!

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Where, Oh Where, is My Hair?

I am a self-proclaimed commitment-phobe; many former boyfriends, bosses, and landlords would agree with me. If a relationship doesn’t seem to be working, I quickly jump ship rather the risk …

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Times of Need

I’ve had two or three cheesy blog ideas floating around in my head, and until one hour ago I was planning to poke innocent fun at IvyLaneDesigns’ recycled grocery box …

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Bellasana Stables

My childhood was populated by a race of imaginary, winged cats that rivaled horses in their size. One gigantic white cat in particular, Cottonpuff, accompanied me on my various adventures, …

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Grocery Shopping

Etsy featured Melaniefaveau’s bread tag jewelry last night, and the sheer quirkiness of the idea inspired me to actually compose a blog. Wow! That must’ve been some muse, huh? Actually, I’ve …

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Projects and a Feature

I’ve been contemplating a new blog since last Wednesday, but I’ve been consumed by my latest project – painting acrylic portraits of cats in Regency dress. The first one I …

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