Painting Cats in Clothes Inspired by Literature


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King Henry VIII Cat, and 78Tarot Update

I've finished His Majesty at last! King Henry is an acrylic painting on a 16"x20" stretched canvas. I've decided to list the Tudor Wives original paintings on eBay; Catherine of Aragon is already up for auction! A limited number of 78Tarot Decks are still available for pre-order!
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A New Year, A New World

We’ve survived the first week of January…. I’m assuming you’ve survived, too, if you’re reading this post. Do ghosts communicate via the Internet? I wonder. I dropped a bombshell on …

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The Windmills In My Mind

[pullquote] Round like a circle in a spiral, Like a wheel within a wheel, Never ending or beginning On an ever spinning reel… …Like a clock whose hands are sweepin’ …

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5 Tips from a Procrastinating Cat Artist

Over the last two weeks, my family has been eating, sleeping, and breathing sheets of greeting cards… thanks to Lisa Jeffrey from MuttsandFrutts, an upscale pet boutique located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, …

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End of Summer Sale – Original Art is 50% OFF

Last Friday I began running a “Quiet Art Sale” in my Etsy shop… which roughly translates into: I haven’t gotten around to actively promoting it. LOL My sale runs through …

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Waiting Will Turn Me Into A Cat In A Sack

For the last few weeks, I’ve been obsessed with all-things related to the “Wheel of Time”, catching up on the continuation of the series by Brandon Sanderson (after Robert Jordan’s …

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Special Print Giveaway For One Lucky Reader

Guess what?! I’ve got something special to give away! :D Tweet Follow @TaraFlyPhotos

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My Anti-Tutorial For Dreamy Vintage Style Photos

I’ve been distracted and unfocused this past week, bouncing from one project to another… but I did manage to sneak in a photo shoot using my awesome new thrift store …

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Good Things Are Coming…

After Jane B and the Mystery Piece are finished, work on patient Mr. Bingley will begin in earnest. Joe and I also discussed adding more photomanipulations to my Regency series, in addition to “Gazing On Pemberley” and “The Letter”… as they are always well received. Perhaps something with an autumn or winter flavor.
And I’m also planning to create another Mr. Darcy Limited Edition print for the yuletide season.

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You’re In The ARMY, Mr. Cat …And Mommy Is Enlisting in Boot Camp

“What motivates you?” is not a simple question after all.. but I can appreciate the exercise which causes us to dig deeper and put a human face to the formidable obstacle on our calendars, and in our own minds. In my case, it has four distinct faces… keeping in mind that my family will benefit the most from a successful holiday season.

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