Cats and Poetry… How Quaint!

Since the beginning of my art journey, I have wanted to illustrate feline adaptations of classic works of literature. Starting with my first portrait of Dominic dressed as Mr Darcy …

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Take A Look Inside My MILKBook Portfolio

A couple of months ago, while deeply immersed in designing the layout of my 2015 Literary Cats calendar project, I had a spare thought to imagine what a book of …

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Treasures in a Second Hand Bookstore Continued….

One of the books that I purchased for myself, a first edition 1911 hardcover of George Bernard Shaw: His Life and Works by Archibald Henderson, caught my attention because it included dozens of vintage clippings and images from turn-of-the-20th-century plays and actors.
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Lark Rise to Candleford is My One Weakness

While browsing through the selection of British television shows on HuluPlus, I came across a period costume drama called “Lark Rise to Candleford”, which was suggested to me because I …

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Death of A Bookseller

[pullquote]“The place of the cure of the soul” ~ fabled inscription in the Library at Alexandria[/pullquote] When Borders Books announced last Monday that they would be closing ALL of their …

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If the Pattern Wills It…

“Always something new, always something I didn’t expect, and sometimes it isn’t horrible.” ~ Rand Al’Thor, The Great Hunt Someone once optimistically said, “No news is good news”… and I …

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Pride and Prejudice, Cats, and a New Contest!

Still, however, there are many key characters that need to be created at the beginning… and my mind is starting to whirl at the prospect of casting such a large number of cats. Therefore, I’ve decided to host the first of several contests on my facebook fanpage.
I’d like to invite everyone who is a fan, and anyone who would like to join, to share your favorite photos of your cat(s) on my fanpage. I want to see expressive cat faces! You are invited to vote for your favorites by Clicking “Like” and commenting on which character you think they ought to portray.

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The Great Marketing Mysteries

I encourage everyone… and I mean, everyone (sellers and consumers alike) to run to your local bookstore, library, or computer desk… and purchase a copy of Buy•ology – The Truth and Lies About Why We Buy, written by marketing genius Martin Lindstrom.
…And I don’t take the term genius lightly.

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