Painting Cats in Clothes Inspired by Literature


Spring Cherry Blossoms, a Quick Photoshop Tutorial

I shared some new images on Facebook, of cherry blossoms, that I photographed when my daughter and I walked through our Funkstown neighborhood taking pictures. I edited them quickly in …

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Another Quick and Dreamy Photoshop Tutorial for Nature Photography

Joe was digging through some of our older folders of digital photography, looking for pretty pictures of flowers and trees… and he opened one folder from April 2008, containing pictures …

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Would You Like Another Photoshop Tutorial?

KJ92BC8KG4DZ It’s always humbling (and often amusing) to check my blog stats, which admittedly don’t get checked as frequently as they should… I tend to rant and rave with little …

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My Anti-Tutorial For Dreamy Vintage Style Photos

I’ve been distracted and unfocused this past week, bouncing from one project to another… but I did manage to sneak in a photo shoot using my awesome new thrift store …

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Behind The Scenes: Gazing On Pemberley

I find myself, time and time again, trying to describe what “photomanipulation” is… what differentiates this piece from an actual photograph. As obviously I wasn’t standing there, in that field, overlooking Pemberley. ;)

I decided the best way to explain how a photomanip is created, is by showing a few screenshots of a work-in-progress, to explain the process in steps as I did earlier with “Mr. Bennet Cat”.
So for all you Pemberley fans, bear with me as I attempt to re-create “Gazing On Pemberley” from the beginning. :)

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