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A New Year Brings Reflection

Looking back, 2014 was an eye-opening experience for me, a blessing often in disguise. It has taught me that the road ahead is very, very long. Although I've come farther than I expected in a few short years, this is only the first rest-stop on my journey. There is still so much to do.
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Tara Fly cat art booth at Carroll County Farmer's Market, MD

I Want to Start Selling My Artwork, Can You Help Me?

When people ask me, "How do I sell my artwork?" I reply that there is no easy answer. There is no One True Way. I can't tell you how to sell YOUR ART, but I can tell you how I sell mine.
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Apple Butter Festival Berkeley Springs WV

Berkeley Springs Apple Butter Festival

This past weekend, I participated as a vendor in the 41st Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs, WV. There was an incredible turn-out; my booth was very busy all day, and I want to personally thank everybody who came out to visit me! This was my first year selling my artwork at Apple Butter, so I had very few expectations for this show, but the reception I received surpassed them all. :)
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Two Civil War soldiers carrying American Flag

Scarlett O’Hara, 9th Annual Art for the Animals

Scarlett O'Hara Cat will be donated to the "9th Annual Art for the Animals" charity fundraiser. If I had a penny for every time someone asked me, "Did your mother like Gone With the Wind?" after learning my name, I could probably buy a plantation house of my own. Everyone seems to love this movie!
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Messy paint palette and acrylic tubes

What I Need to Create Art

For several years, I told myself that in order to be "successful", I had to have a dedicated art space and tons of supplies. Now, I'm evolving and discovering what works for me and what doesn't. I prefer to work on the go with a portable studio.
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Bringing the Forest Home to my Garden

This cottage garden has changed our lives and the way we view our home. So, naturally, my mind wanders to the possibility of transforming our backyard into a woodland retreat.
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wildflower nature photography, purple heather, TaraFly Photography

Beginnings of a Cottage Garden: First Spring

I've been having so much fun this year, watching my plants grow and bloom, stepping outside to the welcoming scent of spring flowers. I want a cottage garden to greet me throughout the year, with an invitation to leave my door wide open. I want an excuse to linger on my lawn.
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vintage books on a shelf

Treasures in a Second Hand Bookstore Continued….

One of the books that I purchased for myself, a first edition 1911 hardcover of George Bernard Shaw: His Life and Works by Archibald Henderson, caught my attention because it included dozens of vintage clippings and images from turn-of-the-20th-century plays and actors.
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The Post Where I Rant About English

My idyllic world on a cloud came crashing down when my daughter matter-of-factly informed me that "teachers don't have enough time to read all of our papers, so we have a computer program that grades our essays and gives feedback."
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