Featured Cat Art by TaraFly

A featured collection of my cat portraits. These are my original paintings. I work primarily in acrylics on canvas and watercolor paper. I have been painting cats and selling my art since 2009.

To view more of my artwork, visit the Art Gallery.


Cottage Garden Cat

Cottage Garden Literary Cat Art by TaraFly

Daffodil Fairy Cat

Daffodil Fairy Cat Art

Summer Mermaid Cat

Mermaid Cat Fantasy Art

Pandora Cat

Pandora Cat by TaraFly

Six of Cups

78Tarot Carnival SIx of Cups

Voodoo Priestess Cat

Voodoo Priestess Cat

Druid Priestess Cat

Druid Priestess Cat art by TaraFly

Mrs Lovett Cat


Santa Cat

Santa Cat Art by TaraFly

First Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving Cat Art


The Caterpillar from Alice and Wonderland TaraFly Art

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Cat Art by TaraFly

Mad Hatter Cat

Mad Hatter Cat Art by TaraFly.

Under the Sea

Mercat painting by TaraFly

Catty Flowers

Catty Flowers Alice in Wonderland art

Flying Monkey Cats

Flying Monkey Cat Art

Greenman Cat

Greenman Cat Art

Phantom Cat

Phantom of the Opera Cat

Colony of Cats II

Colony of Cats Fantasy Art by TaraFly

Colony of Cats

Gothic Fairytale Cat Portrait by TaraFly

Spring Goddess Cat

Spring Art Nouveau Cat Portrait by TaraFly

Eleanor of Toledo

Tortoiseshell Cat as Eleanor of Toledo

Little Miss Muffet

Cat and Spider Knitting Art by TaraFly

Sunflower Fairy Cat

Sunflower Fairy Cat Fantasy Art by TaraFly

Tulip Fairy Cat

Tulip Fairy Cat Fantasy Art by TaraFly

Pirates Cave (Five of Wands)

Pirate Treasure Cat Art by TaraFly.

Christmas Caroling Cats

Christmas Caroler Cats by TaraFly

Barnabus the Scholar Cat

Orange Tabby Cat Reading Novel, Cat Portrait by TaraFly

Literary Scout

Literary Cat Reading Book Art by TaraFly

Mars and Titania

Goth Victorian Cat Portrait Art by TaraFly

Dragon Kimono Cat

Red Kimono Cat Portrait Art by Tara Fly.

Ashley Wilkes Cat

Ashley Wilkes Cat Art by Tara Fly.

Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles, TaraFly, 78Tarot Deck

Betsy Ross Cat

Betsy Ross Cat art by Tara Fly

King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII Cat, art by TaraFly. Tudor Cat Portrait

Wicked Witch of the West Cat

Wicked Witch of the West Cat Art by Tara Fly.

Cowardly Lion

Cowardly Lion Cat Art by TaraFly. Wizard of Oz Cats

Scarecrow Cat

Scarecrow Cat, Wizard of Oz Cat Portraits by Tara Fly.

Tin Cat

Tin Cat, art by TaraFly. Wizard of Oz Cats

Dorothy Gale Cat

Dorothy Gale Cat Art by TaraFly, Wizard of Oz Cats

King Francis I

Francis I, King of France, as a cat.

Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr, Tudor Queen Cat Art by TaraFly

Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard Cat Portrait by Tara Fly

Anne Of Cleves

Anne of Cleves, cat portrait by TaraFly

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour Cat, Tudor Cats Collection by TaraFly

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn Cat, Tudor Cat Art by Tara Fly

Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon, Tudor Cats, by Tara Fly Art

Mr Bennet Cat

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