Author: Tara Fly

How Much Are We Worth?

I was sitting in the break-room yesterday perusing an old newspaper (old, meaning, earlier than Monday’s edition) and came across an article follow-up to a fatal crash story involving a …

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Super Bowl Madness

In our household, there was no such thing as “The Super Bowl”. The closest thing I came to the playing field was my stint as the school mascot. My class voted me into the position as a practical joke, because our mascot was feline and my cat-obsession was legendary!

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Water Aisle Discovery

I’m currently* employed full-time as a grocery manager in a large retail supercenter…. not going to mention which one, as corporate spies most likely scour the Internet daily looking for …

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I’m not sure who said the famous line, “You only get one chance to make a great first impression”… But that individual is solely responsible for millions of empty blogs …

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