Painting Cats in Clothes Inspired by Literature

About Me

Ten years ago…
I was trying to “find my purpose” and dreamt about become a successful stage & screen actress, writing an epic fantasy novel, teaching English literature, and opening a corner bakery, bookstore, or jazzy combination of both.

I had no intentions of becoming a painter. I never pursued an art education save for a couple of high-school art classes.

Four years ago…
I found myself working in a soul-devouring retail job as a grocery manager, and preparing for the birth of my third child.
I decided to pick up an old hobby ~ acrylic painting ~ and my favorite subject was my tuxedo cat, Dominic.

I shared my artwork online, and within a short time, both of my initial cat paintings (Mr. Darcy and Redcoat Soldier) had sold, and I was commissioned to paint more cat portraits.

I paint cats dressed in colorful costumes from the Regency, Victorian, and Tudor eras, as characters from classic literature… or whatever happens to inspire me.

I sell my cat paintings, reproduction prints, greeting cards, and assorted merchandise to enthusiastic customers and small gift-shop owners all over the world.

A Decade ago, this wasn’t the life I imagined for myself….
Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else!

I can finally say that I’ve found my “purr-pose”as a Crazy Cat Artist.

~ Tara =^,,^=

If you’re still curious to learn more about me, my blog is the purr-fect place to begin…..

Things I Ramble About: