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2018 Cat Calendars Are Coming!

Phantom of the Opera cat art by TaraFly

“Angel of Music” is a new painting that I created for the Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s July auction.

Obviously based on “Phantom of the Opera”, this portrait of Christine & the Phantom (in her dressing room mirror) was painted in acrylics, on a 11″x14″ canvas. The original has already sold during the auction, but archival prints and other merchandise are available via my Etsy store ~~ and from me personally at festivals.

Here is the link to my upcoming art auctions ~ Art Auctions ~ where you can get your paws on my original cat paintings! Hint: there are THREE auctions coming soon in September & October! :)

A New Cat Calendar!

Yes, there will be a Kickstarter campaign this summer to publish the 2018 Literary Cats Calendar!

2018 Literary Cats Calendar cover

This calendar will feature cat portraits that I’ve completed in the past 12 months, including (cover image) Angel of Music, Beauty & the Beast, Buddha Cat, and Page of Swords. It will also include 2 brand new paintings that haven’t been seen yet (because I haven’t finished them!)

Kickstarter backers will get Behind-the-Scenes access to my progress and time-lapse painting videos ~ so you can watch these two new paintings come magically to life!

This calendar will follow the same format as my 2017 Literary Cats Calendar: each month’s featured image will measure 5″x7″ (for easy framing!) and will be paired with a complementary literary quote.  These will be Limited Edition calendars; each one will be signed and numbered personally by me.

There will be Early Bird Special deals, and extra goodies included with several pledge tiers.

For anyone unfamiliar with Kickstarter: it is a crowdfunding website where people can pledge money towards projects they want to bring to life. Most of these projects are created by independent artists, like myself, who need a bit of support to get their expensive ideas off the ground. Only successfully funded projects are produced; if a project fails to meet its goal, all the money is refunded to the backers.

This will be the fourth calendar I’ve created thanks to Kickstarter and your pledges!

The campaign will launch next Tuesday, August 22nd. I will send out another e-mail on Tuesday with the link, and you can also follow me on Facebook or on Patreon for updates too!

Thanks! =^,,^=

Tara Fly

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