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78Tarot Astral Kickstarter Cats in Space!

The fourth 78Tarot project launched Tuesday evening on Kickstarter… and is already over 80% funded! :)

I’ve been involved with this project since the beginning (2014), when a group of fantasy artists on Facebook decided to publish a limited edition Tarot deck.  Each person was assigned one card to create in our own style.  We had very little direction with that initial deck, but later decks have all had themes: Nautical, Carnival, and this year’s 78Tarot Astral.  Cats in spaaaaace, baby!

With a nod to the popularity of alien felines, the four participating cat artists were each given a Page card (mine was Page of Swords)… so we joked about being #TeamCat!  We seriously think a Cat-themed Tarot deck should be next. Right??

I can officially release my card to everyone, so here is the Page of Swords:

TaraFly Page of Swords 78Tarot Astral
(Click here to pre-order your deck on Kickstarter!)

There are several levels available for Reward Tiers, from just the deck & its accompanying booklet, to an “Intergalactic” trilogy of decks (Nautical, Carnival, and Astral) with companion hardcover art books.  One of the most popular Rewards is the Artists’ Mystery $75 Tier – which includes a “grab bag” of merchandise and prints from participating artists, as well as a copy of the deck & its booklet. These are a limited offering, and as I type this, there are only 15 Mystery Boxes (out of 100) left! I will be donating items for the boxes, but I cannot guarantee that my items will be in ALL the boxes. Rest assured, there is some really cool stuff being shipped along with the decks, especially if we reach our stretch goals! :)

( Note: I am not personally managing this Kickstarter campaign. I am one of the artists who contributed to the deck.  Any Kickstarter or project questions should be sent )

On an interesting side note, my Page of Swords isn’t the first time I painted a cheetah wielding a sword.  Back in 2011, I created a piece titled “Warrior Maiden Cheetah”.  Check out the comparison! :)

Cheetah warriors by TaraFly

Show Updates

The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s show, “Fairies & Fairytales”, is coming up this month, on April 24th.  This is an online Facebook auction, which opens at 2pm EST on The Rabbit Hole’s Facebook page. I will be painting Beauty and the Beast for this auction.   (Pssst, a DOG will be making an appearance in this painting!)

I am filming a time lapse video for my Patreon subscribers, as well as posting exclusive sneak peeks for them, but I can tease you with this:

TaraFly Cat Art Beauty and Beast

I also have three local shows/festivals coming up:

  • The Easter Show at the Farmer’s Market, April 15th, 8am – 2pm.  Located at the Carroll County Ag Center in Westminster, MD.
    If you didn’t attend the Spring Show in March, there are lots of new items featuring artwork I’ve done recently (e.g. Buddha Cat and A Cat Named Harry).  I also plan to bring my originals, including Page of Swords. :)
  • The Apple Blossom Festival, May 6th-7th, 10am – 5pm. Located in Jim Barnett Park in Winchester, VA.  There will be new paintings & prints!
  • The Flower & Jazz Festival, May 13th, 10am – 4pm.  Located in downtown Westminster, MD.

You can find my current show schedule here on my Events page.  This list will be updated throughout the year as I submit applications and receive confirmations.

Thank you for your support! =^,,^=

Tara Fly

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