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Two New Cat Paintings and Upcoming Events

I have a couple of new paintings to share with you!

Last month, the Rabbit Hole Artist Collective hosted an online studio sale.  Usually a studio sale is our chance to post older unsold pieces to “clean out the studio”, but I decided to share something new!

In a subtle tribute to a certain bespectacled wizard, sporting a lightning shaped scar on his forehead, I called this piece ~ “A Cat Named Harry”. :)

Harry Cat wearing glasses TaraFlyArt

Harry was painted in acrylics onto a canvas panel, measuring 5″x7″. He is currently available here in my Etsy shop.

I have a time lapse video of Harry available on my Patreon page; Patreon subscribers get access to all my work-in-progress pictures and painting videos. :)

Upcoming Auctions and Events

I’ve added a new page to my website to spotlight upcoming art auctions, so anybody interested in getting original paintings at reduced prices can plan ahead!

Visit my Art Auction Page Here

Currently, I’ve listed all the Rabbit Hole Collective auctions (which are hosted on their Facebook page), as well as the yearly “Art For the Animals” local charity auction in which I participate in October. There will likely be other auctions to add to this page; I will probably list some new artwork on eBay over the summer, like I did last year. I’ll try to remind everyone to check the auction page before the next event starts! :)

The next Rabbit Hole Auction, in April, will be a Fairytale theme. I have decided to paint “Beauty & the Beast”. :)

I don’t have anything ready to share yet, because I’m still working on a commissioned painting of a Buddha cat, but Patreon subscribers will be the first to see it! I will also share pictures on Facebook and Instagram. If you visit me in my booth this spring, you’ll be able to peek over my shoulder as always to watch!

I will be at the Carroll County Ag Center, for the Spring Farmer’s Market Show, next Saturday, March 25th, 8am – 2pm.  I will be in my “usual” winter/spring spot in the 2nd metal building.

My show schedule for 2017 can be found under the Events tab, or click here ~ Upcoming Shows & Events. Of course, this list isn’t all-inclusive, and upcoming events are subject to change pending jury approval. I send out lots of applications in the spring, and it sometimes takes awhile to get a response.

The 78Tarot: Astral Project

The 78Tarot Project is launching its 4th Kickstarter this April! Wow, time flies!

The project began in January of 2014, when a group of artists worldwide joined together, on Facebook, to create a collaborative Tarot deck (with each artist contributing one card). We used Kickstarter to fund our deck’s publication. After the first Limited Edition deck, each subsequent deck has had a theme: Nautical, Carnival, and now Astral.

I’ve been involved with all four decks! My paintings included “The Five of Pentacles” (#1), “The Five of Wands” (#2), “The Six of Cups” (#3) …. and this year……

The Page of Swords

I’m not allowed to show the official card just yet, but here is a teaser of it!

Page of Swords cheetah art by TaraFly

The Page of Swords (like my other paintings) has been created in acrylics, on a canvas measuring 11″x14″. It will be available for purchase soon. In the meantime, you can follow the 78Tarot Astral Project on Facebook, and stay tuned for our Kickstarter launch on April 11th!

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