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New Painting, Greensleeves, and a Sneaky Surprise Sale

The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective hosted its first auction of the year, January 24th – January 30th, with the theme “Lyrically Inspired”. I created a new piece for the auction, inspired by the classic Tudor period tune, “Greensleeves”.

She is an acrylic painting on a stretched canvas, measuring 5″x7″. The original sold during the auction, but prints and merchandise will be available soon.

Greensleeves Cat Painting by Tara Fly

I really should add a new page to my website to feature all the art auctions in which I participate, and their respective dates & times, so that potential buyers will have an easy reference. *scribbles note to self*

The next Rabbit Hole auction is scheduled for February 22nd-28th; it is listed as a “studio auction” (meaning we can sell older pieces, too), but I will likely create something new for it.

In February, I will be working on my Tarot card, “Page of Swords”, for the 78Tarot: Astral project. This is my fourth collaboration with this amazingly talented group. This time around, all the Page cards will be “space cats” created by cat artists: Carrie Hawks, Ash Evans, Joanna Nelson, and myself. :)

During the month of January, I decided to run a 20% OFF sale in my Etsy store (using the nifty app called “Etsy On Sale”), because January is typically a slow month for cat art sales ~ and we needed food and stuff. ;)

Needless to say, the sale went really well! I sold three original paintings, along with prints, calendars, cards, and things. The sale ended January 31st at midnight, and the app usually takes a couple of hours to revert all the listings back to their regular prices. By the time this blog post is delivered to your inbox on February 1st, my Etsy shop *should* be back to normal.

So, What’s the Sneaky Surprise Sale?!

Well, you see, there is a new website in town! It’s called … an extension of my website, TaraFlyArt. TaraFlyCats is the online alternative to Etsy, because some people prefer not to shop on Etsy for personal reasons. is managed by Shopify, which I’ve integrated with my website to replace the existing shop I had (which was powered by WooCommerce). I developed a strong dislike for WooCommerce, but I won’t bore you with all the reasons why. :P

Anyway. When I was unpacking this new shop, I decided to “save some effort” by importing all my existing Etsy listings via a CSV file. It worked really well ~ a little bit too well!

It migrated all my listings ON SALE! Haha! *sigh*

I must now manually fix all the listing descriptions, titles, tags, etc. to reflect the regular prices AND to remove all references to Etsy.

For instance, I’ll rewrite the long spammy titles that Etsy encourages: “Sunflower Fairy Cat Magnet Black Cat Monarch Butterfly Wings Fantasy Art Fridge Magnet ON SALE” into something more reasonable, like “Sunflower Fairy Cat Magnet”… and the links in the product descriptions pointing to other Etsy listings will be removed.

It will take me at least a week, possibly longer, to reformat every product listing, since I refuse to devote more than a couple of hours per day to the boring task.

I have already fixed my Original Paintings, but the rest of the current products available (320+ individual items) will be done in alphabetical order: “Anne Boleyn”, “Barnabus”, “Bastet”, “Black Eyed Susan”, and “Circus Cats” will be among the first to go “off sale” in the next couple of days. Listings in the middle of the alphabet (i.e. Tudor Cats) will take a few days longer, and “Wizard of Oz Cats” will be among the last to be fixed.

The Super Sneaky Surprise Sale will continue until every single item is updated ~ so if you are reading this on February 1st or 2nd, you can grab a sweet deal on a Set of Six Tudor Cat prints or Wizard of Oz Set of four prints ~ simply by buying it before I get a chance to fix the listing!! ;)

I can’t guarantee how long these items will be on sale, so ACT FAST if you want to take advantage of my procrastination….

….and thank you for feeding us this month. My family appreciates your support very much!

Tara Fly

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