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Farewell Addio 2016!

Happy New Year Everybody!

By the time this post is published & delivered to your inbox, it will be January 1st…. though as I sit here typing, it is still the afternoon of Dec. 31st.

I guess I’m talking to the future, eh?

Sans in my studio

Sans says that he invented a time-machine, and is from the future….

We never do anything particularly special on New Year’s Eve. My husband works most holidays in retail (today being no exception), and the kids are still playing with their Christmas presents ~ which have surprisingly managed to hold their attention for a week!

Nothing has been broken (yet), the board games still have all their pieces, and the tree remains up and free from cats. Oddly, even our two newest feline members, who were only babies this spring, have no interest in scaling the sparkling faux conifer to inspect its baubles. They do sleep on its skirt, however, half hidden in the low hanging branches.

Cat sleeping under Christmas tree

I have a love-hate relationship towards most major holidays, paying tribute out of necessity for the sake of others, whilst barricading myself in the house, and casting a manic twitching eye on the calendar… When will the madness END?!

I’ll confess that there *is* some magic to New Year’s Eve, the most celebrated holiday around the world. Even accounting for cultural and religious alternative dates (such as the Chinese New Year and Rosh Hashanah), most countries do follow the Gregorian calendar and acknowledge January 1st as its beginning.

From the comfort of home, we enjoy watching the celebrations happening all over the globe ~ starting on Saturday afternoon, with cities such as Sydney (Australia), Auckland (NZ), and Dubai (India) offering spectacular fireworks displays. I noted last year that the elegant lightshow around Dubai’s Burj Khalifa was my personal favorite, and in counterpoint, the scattered & seemingly random explosions in Hong Kong looked like a city under seige! LOL

New Year’s is a visual reminder that all humans on the planet *can* come together and find common ground…
if only for a 30 minute display of pyrotechnics.

So it is customary to reflect back on the previous year, recapping personal achievements, and making resolutions.
I did create a little video to highlight the paintings I completed this year:

Thanks to a hard-drive failure early in February, and a subsequent obsessiveness in backing-up my files, I have been digging through older pieces that mark various stages in my art career.

These were my favorite pieces in 2009, when I officially embarked on this journey ~

Old artwork from 2009

Comparatively, a few acrylic paintings I created this year, which I feel show my growth as an artist ~

2016 Cat Paintings

I still have a lot to learn, especially with regards to technique and anatomy.  My eldest daughter gifted me with a petite wooden mannequin for drawing figures, and I half-jokingly suggested we glue a cat’s head onto it… but I intend to make good use of it this year. Still, I feel encouraged by my progress.  I am no longer intimidated by artists whose skills far exceed my own, rather I am inspired to push myself to develop those same skills in my own style.

My resolution, for this coming year (and every year), is simple yet challenging: to practice, to improve, and to dig deeper in order to find the message I want to convey in my work.

I would like to begin sketching in a journal every day, an exercise many of my artist friends already practice. I’ve never had much luck keeping written diaries up-to-date; somewhere in my closet is a box full of mostly blank-paged journal books, each bearing a few entries, a graveyard of words… but perhaps I can commit to putting a few squiggly lines on paper every day. I have tons of half-formed images floating around in my head. :P

If I decide to share these sketches, it will probably turn into a weekly Patreon post. You can follow my adventures by supporting me on Patreon here….

I would like to branch out this year: to create new products (playing cards are planned!); participate in more group shows, gallery exhibits, and charity auctions; and involve myself more in my local communities. “Communities” is plural on purpose because I consider Carroll County a second home, seeing as I spend nearly every weekend at the Farmer’s Market or some festival in that neck of the woods. :)

I hope you are looking forward to 2017! What are your plans for this brand new year?

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