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New Art and a Collective Studio Sale

Happy After-Thanksgiving Everybody! =)

I have a few “new” pieces to share. If you haven’t been following me on Facebook, you may not have seen these yet.

The first two were commissioned portraits for the Kickstarter campaign that I ran back in August. I can’t believe it’s been that long! (By the way, ALL Kickstarter orders have shipped, unless you didn’t return the survey with your address and reward choices ~ I’m still trying to reach 2 people that haven’t responded.)

This is “Miss Begonia”, modeled after a kitty named Skitty ~ wearing pink wax begonias in her hair. Acrylics on a 5″x7″ canvas panel.
Miss Begonia Fairy Cat

The next is “Miss Orchid”, modeled after a Bengal named Mitzi. Also a 5″x7″ portrait on canvas panel.
Miss Orchid Bengal Fairy Cat

I have two remaining Kickstarter portraits to finish…. Bob and Janet are waiting so patiently for me. :P

I was contacted last month about doing a commission of Queen Elizabeth I, as a tortoiseshell kitty wearing the coronation gown from her 1559 portrait by an uncredited artist. I had been planning to paint her as a ginger, and I still may, perhaps using the “Rainbow Portrait” of Elizabeth (also by an uncredited artist).

Here is the finished commission, done in acrylics on a stretched canvas measuring 5″x7″.
Queen Elizabeth I as tortoiseshell cat

Finally, I have a new winter themed painting (finished on Wednesday)… sort-of continuing in my Flower Fairy Cat series, except you can’t see any hint of her fairy wings under the cloak.

This is “Miss Holly”. (Acrylics on 5″x7″ canvas panel)
Miss Holly Ragdoll Cat

Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s Group Studio Sale

My three paintings ~ “Pandora”, “Bastet”, and my newest painting, “Miss Holly” ~ are all part of the Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s November Studio Sale, which begins TODAY (Nov 25th) at 2:00PM EST. The Studio Sale is being held online, on the Rabbit’s Facebook Page (click here to view the album).

All paintings have a minimum bid, and a Buy It Now price. Bidding on a painting will eliminate the BIN offer. Pssst, this will likely be the LAST time I’ll offer “Bastet” at auction. You have the opportunity to grab her for a good deal. ;)

The auction will run until December 5th, ending at 2:00PM EST.

I have a bit more to say, but I am still figuring out my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale…. I was mulling it over whilst cooking food yesterday, and am still not 100% decided what I will do.  So I will publish a little update here, and on Facebook, when the sale goes live!

Thanks for following my artwork! <3 =^,,^=

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