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Art For the Animals Tail-End Reception On Saturday

The 11th Annual “Art For the Animals” charity art auction is holding its “Tail End Reception” this Saturday night, at 6:30pm, at Howards’ Arts & Frames, on the Dual Highway (Route 40) in Hagerstown, MD.

This will be your last chance to place bids on the artwork generously donated by local artists, and professionally framed by Howards’ expert staff.

All proceeds from sales of these paintings will be given to Guiding Eyes For the Blind. In the past, we’ve raised upwards of $4,000 through this auction.

“We average the cost to breed, raise, train and match a Guiding Eyes dog with a person with vision loss to be approximately $50,000. Guiding Eyes receives no government funding and operates solely from public support.” ~ GuidingEyes.Org

Howards’ owners, Ellen and Roger Collins, have been adopting dogs through the Guiding Eyes program for years. Their two labradors, Hank and Ellie Mae, live and “work” alongside the human employees in the art supply store. Sadly, Ellie Mae (the yellow lab) passed away over the summer, but you can still find Hank (the black lab) greeting customers at the door.

Hank Ellie Mae Service Dogs

Hank and Ellie Mae. Photo ©Colleen McGrath, staff photographer. Herald Mail.

I have been participating for the past 6 years, since 2011. This year, I’ve contributed three 5″x7″ acrylic paintings ~ “Juliet”, “Hamlet”, and “Caesar”.

Here is Juliet Cat, in her beautiful gold frame:

Juliet Capulet Cat art in frame

“Juliet Capulet Cat” ©TaraFly, 2016.

I love the elegant frame chosen for Julius Caesar Cat:

Julius Caesar Cat in frame

“Julius Caesar Cat” ©TaraFly, 2016.

Here is “Hamlet” holding Yorick’s skull. (Sorry about the angle; I was trying to minimize glare from the lights shining on him)

Hamlet Cat in frame

“Hamlet Cat” ©TaraFly, 2016.

There are 208 framed pieces of art in this year’s event, from established and aspiring artists, and you are sure to find a new must-have treasure!

I fell for Pat Fagan’s Monarch on Coneflower, obviously, because I have both monarchs and purple coneflowers in my garden! :)

Monarch butterfly on coneflower painting

“Monarch on Coneflower” ©Pat Fagan, 2016.

Pat is a decorative artist, who teaches painting classes, and is a member of the Apple Valley Painters.

Another Apple Valley Painter who caught my eye this year was Carolyn Troy, with her autumn-Halloween themed, “In the Light of the Moon”:
Carolyn Troy artwork

Carolyn has several other pieces in the exhibit, which are all gorgeous, but that kitty in the tree spoke to me. :)

I think the frame chosen for this piece is exquisite! It reminds me of the back covers of vintage Golden Books. This is “Old Fence Post” by Jennifer May:

"Old Fence Post" ©Jennifer May, 2016.

“Old Fence Post” ©Jennifer May, 2016.

“Marsupial Gentry”, by Howard staff member Robert Farmer, reminds me of a Jim Henson film in the best way!

Marsupial Gentry Robert Farmer

“Marsupial Gentry” ©Robert Farmer, 2016.

Another Howard staffer, my friend Andrew, created this tribute to David Bowie. It has a neat 3D effect ~ the background done on canvas, and the face painted on the glass panel.

"Starman" ©Andrew Naessig, 2016.

“Starman” ©Andrew Naessig, 2016.

Andrew also drew this awesome dragon!

Dragon art by Andrew Naessig

“Dragon” ©Andrew Naessig, 2016.

Linda Barnhart, one of AFTA’s regular contributors, experimenting here with encaustics, butterfly wings, and feathers.

Butterfly by Linda Barnhart

“Butterfly” ©Linda barnhart, 2016.

Encaustic paints are made using hot beeswax mixed with color pigments.

Linda’s grandson, Jake, also created an encaustic painting for AFTA using dragonfly wings. His piece is featured in the elementary/middle school section:

"Dragonfly" ©Jake Barnhart, 2016.

“Dragonfly” ©Jake Barnhart, 2016.

11th annual AFTA artwork

The tail-end reception begins at 6:30 on Saturday, October 22nd. There will be a short period of last-minute bidding (it gets pretty frenzied!) and then the People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice winners will be announced in each category. (Voting for People’s Choice ended on October 15th)

I encourage everyone (who can) to check out the artwork up for auction in person!

P.S. Friends near Winchester, Virginia…

I will be attending the Washington Cat Fancier’s Cat Show next Saturday (Oct. 29th), from 9am-4pm. The cat show is being held at the Body Renew Fitness & Family Sports Center, 221 Commonwealth Ct in Winchester, VA.

There will be a pedigree cat show, a household pets competition, performing cats, and shopping for feline-inspired gifts from vendors like me! ;)

Tickets prices:
Adults: $6 / Family of four: $16 / Seniors(65+): $4 / Kids(5-12): $4 / Kids under 5 are FREE.

Meow! Hope to see you soon!

Tara Fly

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