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Final Days on Kickstarter A.K.A. Did You Get Your Calendar Yet?

August has flown by so quickly, in a blur of humidity (107° heat index!) and flash flooding. :/

We are in the FINAL DAYS… not Armageddon, not yet I hope ….. the Final Days of the Kickstarter campaign to fund the 2017 Literary Cats Calendar!

Remember the calendar? Hahaha!

We haven’t reached our initial goal yet (we are sitting at 82% this evening), which is unusual and a bit concerning… but I am trying to take the sage advice of my patron, Bob, who tells me regularly “not to stress”.

“Don’t stress”, he says. That is like telling a fish not to breathe underwater. Stress is my natural state. ;)

Nevertheless, we have three days remaining to raise the additional 18% needed to fund this calendar project. I believe we can do this!

Even though a self-appointed Kickstarter guru, on an “expert” Kickstarter advice blog, pointed out that August is the WORST MONTH to launch a Kickstarter campaign. I don’t remember his expert reasoning behind this, because I didn’t pay any attention to his warning.

I pushed the Launch button on August 5th, and witnessed an initial leap in pledges (we were 52% funded in 48 hours!) ~ and then it flatlined for a week. LOL!

Kickstarter project dashboard

A peek at my Kickstarter Project Dashboard…

At the Farmer’s Market last Saturday, I encouraged every person who picked up a print, to consider pledging for a calendar instead, because ~


I’m not usually wearing my “Salesperson” cape, but desperate times call for a change in wardrobe. Just ask Superman!

There are still “Early Bird” Reward Specials available, so I’ve taken to calling them “Lazy Bird Specials”, for the birds who slept-in late. ;)

I finished my new portrait for the calendar, “Little Women”.

Little Women cat portrait

The original 11″x14″ acrylic painting is AVAILABLE via Kickstarter, as a special Reward Tier limited to one backer (obviously!). Pssst… if anyone grabs this deal, we’ll be funded! ;)

Kickstarter Reward Original Art

The computer is still uploading my Time Lapse video to Youtube, and it’s taking forever! Soon I will be able to scan the painting and begin working on December’s page layout. People backing my project have exclusive access to the Behind the Scenes time lapse videos and images of my progress.

2017 Literary Cats Calendar

This calendar is shaping up to be my best one yet ~ it is very lovely! You need one of these hanging on your wall.
The best part is that each image measures 5″x7″, and can be easily framed afterwards. :)

Please help me to publish this calendar by pledging today!

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