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New Paintings for July Auction

I have two new paintings to share, that were created for The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s July auction on Facebook, themed “Ancient Worlds”. The auction runs until July 30th, 2016, at 2PM EST.

“Bastet” is an 11″ X 14″ acrylic painting on a masonite board. I spent roughly 30 hours on this portrait of the Egyptian cat goddess.

She is depicted here as both a sun goddess AND a moon goddess, because she was originally considered the daughter of the sun god, Ra, but was later adopted by the Greeks (during the Ptolemaic Period) as an alternative to their moon goddess, Artemis.


Bastet Cat Goddess Art by TaraFly

(Starting bid: $300 or Buy It Now: $450) (Click to BID Here)
Auction ends July 30th, 2016, at 2:00PM EST


Cleopatra Egyptian Cat Art by TaraFly

My second painting for the auction was “Cleocatra”, a 5″ X 7″ acrylic painting on a canvas panel.

She sold within an hour of the auction opening, but prints are available of both “Cleocatra” and “Bastet” here in my shop.

You can view ALL the amazing artwork included in the “Ancient Worlds” & “Ancient Trees” auction here:

I will be taking a brief hiatus from Flower Fairy Cat portraits; my latest fairy cat, “Miss Sweet Pea” sold on eBay within 12 hours. I have several deadlines coming up within the next two months ~ including the “El Gato” exhibit in Aberdeen, Scotland, and the local “Art For the Animals” (AFTA) charity auction, benefiting Guiding Eyes For the Blind.

AFTA is hosted by Howards’ Arts & Frames, located on the Dual Highway, in Hagerstown. I have been a participating artist since 2011. This year, I plan to paint characters from Shakespeare’s plays ~ as 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of his death! Wow! It’s hard to believe. :)

My Kickstarter campaign to fund the 2017 Literary Cats Calendar is right around the corner. It launches in under two weeks! Eeeek! I’m nervous and excited! I’ve had several people asking about calendars, so hopefully everything runs smoothly and we can have them available by late September.

My European backers from last year’s Kickstarter requested that I publish a calendar specifically starting on Monday (as Europe begins their week on a different day than we Americans do!).
So this year, I am giving everyone the option of ordering an “American” calendar or a “European” calendar; the Euro calendar includes popular EU holidays as well. :)

Calendars pre-ordered on Kickstarter will come with a FREE 8″x10″ print, a FREE magnet, and coloring pages! After the campaign ends, the calendars can be purchased for $20 (without the extra Kickstarter-exclusive goodies).

I hope you will consider backing the project and sharing it with your friends. I’d really appreciate your support!

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