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New Flower Cat, Miss Cosmos

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer!  I wish I could live outside in my garden, like the birds do.

My newest painting, in the Flower Fairy Cat series, is “Miss Cosmos”. She is an acrylic painting on a 5″x7″ canvas panel, and is currently up for auction on eBay, with bidding beginning at just one penny!

She is the 7th portrait in the series; I have at least six more in the works for this summer, and all of them will be listed for sale on eBay as they are finished.

(Click Here to view the auction and place a bid)

“Miss Cosmos” was modeled after a bicolor ragdoll kitty, and this particular variety of cosmos is called “Day Dream”.

Miss Cosmos Flower Cat Art

These cute little portraits take roughly 4-5 hours to paint. I have been using a Time Lapse app on my phone to capture my entire painting session. The full-length videos are available to my Patreon subscribers, and I also share public teaser videos, like this 3 minute YouTube clip:

The first seven Flower Fairy Cat portraits represent flowers I am currently growing in my own garden ~ Daffodils, Poppies, Violets, Roses, Morning Glories, Peonies, and Cosmos.

The colors do vary, however. I prefer growing lavender poppies, for instance, but I chose to paint “Miss Poppy” with a red flower; red and orange poppies are common, and therefore most familiar to people.

I also have white peonies, rather than pink, but I liked the contrast of a pink blossom against “Miss Peony”‘s white fur.

My cosmos are the usual mixed variety, in solid shades of pink, white, and yellow. Last year, I tried “sea shell” cosmos (their petals are rolled like penne rigate noodles), but I didn’t really care for them.

My cosmos seedlings have been slow to take off this summer, so I photographed “Miss Cosmos” against a backdrop of purple coneflowers, poppy heads, and liatris (blazing star).
Miss Cosmos Cat Art in garden

My next portrait will be “Miss Snowdrop”. I have never attempted to grow snowdrops, but I would like to try planting them somewhere; maybe this fall, I can get my paws on some. :)

I hope to have Snowdrop finished by Saturday, just in time to list her on eBay after the auction for “Miss Cosmos” ends (at 8:00PM EST).  These little portraits make lovely gifts, and the eBay auctions are an extremely affordable way to collect my original paintings.

If you are local, I hope to see you at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday, July 9th.  We are having “Christmas in July” ~ in case the humidity has you yearning for sleigh-bells and snowmen! :)

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