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2017 Cat Calendars are Coming Soon

It’s that time of year again! Planning for my Limited Edition 2017 Literary Cats Calendar is underway. I will be running a new Kickstarter campaign, beginning  August 5th, to raise the funds necessary to order 200+ calendars. Please mark your current calendar! Hehe

2017 Literary Cats Calendar cover

2017 Literary Cats Calendar Cover

What’s New?

The calendar will feature all new paintings I’ve completed in 2016, including: my new Mermaid Cat, the 78Tarot Circus Cats, Pandora Cat, several of my Flower Fairy Cats, and the portrait of Bastet (the Egyptian cat goddess) that I am currently finishing up, for the Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s online auction this month.

The layout is different from previous years’. I listened to customers’ feedback and suggestions for frame-able images that remain above the fold. Those of you who have copies of last year’s calendar will note that the artwork continues below the fold, so if you wished to frame the top half, you would lose part of the image.

February 2017 Cat Calendar

In the 2017 calendar, each portrait measures 5″x7″, and can be cut out for easy framing. I’ve also included a stanza of poetry, or an excerpt from classic literature, to accompany each piece; several people mentioned that they would like to frame the entire 8.5″ x 11″ page, including the quote. :)

Since the artwork will no longer be taking up space on the bottom half, I have enlarged the grid to give everybody extra room to write! We need as much white space as possible, right? LOL

March 2017 Literary Cats Calendar

About Kickstarter

I have used for the past two years to help launch my Limited Edition Literary Cats calendars.

For anyone unfamiliar with this platform, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website where people can pledge money towards projects they want to bring to life. Most of these projects are created by independent artists, like myself, who need a bit of support to get expensive ideas off the ground. Only successfully funded projects are produced; if a project fails to meet its goal, all the money is refunded to the backers.

Of course, in addition to getting the bragging rights of being one of the FIRST to pre-order a calendar, signed & numbered by me, Kickstarter backers also receive special rewards that are only available through the campaign. These special “Thank you!” Rewards include physical goodies, like prints and magnets, as well as VIP access Behind the Scenes to watch a new painting come to life!

I will be creating a winter-themed portrait specifically for the calendar, and will be recording it in a time lapse video format. Kickstarter backers will get the exclusive rights to view these video(s) of my painting sessions.

This is a sneak-peek time lapse of my new portrait, Miss Snowdrop:

There will also be Kickstarter exclusive Stretch Goal Rewards, to celebrate if we exceed our original goal ~ very exciting stuff!

What If I Simply Want to Order a Calendar….

Of course, you don’t need to pledge through Kickstarter to get a calendar! I will be opening up pre-orders to the general public as soon as my campaign is funded. As long as you place your order BEFORE September 9th, 2016, you will be guaranteed to receive as many calendars as you need.

Once the calendars are delivered, and distributed to customers who ordered in advance, the remaining calendars will be listed online, for $20 each, and will also be available from me personally at shows ~ while they last.

Remember, they are limited! Last year, 150 calendars were sold out weeks before Christmas, and unfortunately, there were people who were disappointed because they waited too long to get one.

As August approaches, I will be sharing more glimpses into the calendar, the campaign, and the rewards. This calendar is going to turn out really nice, and I am so excited to see it in person! :)

Introducing Miss Snowdrop

Snowdrop Cat Fairy by TaraFly

My latest portrait in the series of Flower Fairy Cats is “Miss Snowdrop”. Snowdrops are winter-blooming flowers that are also the birth-month flower for January (along with carnations).
She is a 5″x7″ acrylic painting on canvas panel.

The original painting is currently up for auction on eBay. Click here to view the auction; it ends July 13th, at 8:52PM EST.

Have a safe week!

Tara Fly

About Tara Fly

A Crazy Cat Lady ... who divides her time between painting portraits of cats dressed in period costumes, watching BBC mini-series, growing weeds and wildflowers, and baking pumpkin pies seasoned with cat hair. Would you like some fur-flavoured coffee?

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