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Miss Peony Fairy Cat

“Miss Peony” Fairy Cat is an acrylic portrait that I painted onto a 5″x7″ canvas panel.

She is the 6th in my new Flower Fairy Cat series, in which cats in Victorian clothing wear giant flowers instead of hats. I am also choosing to represent birth-month flowers, although peonies are only the alternate birth month flower for November. Traditionally, chrysanthemums are used. I may still paint chrysanthemums at some point.

Miss Peony Fairy Cat art

“Miss Peony” is currently available for bidding on eBay; the auction ends on Tuesday night, at 7:47PM EST.

The next portrait in the series will be “Miss Cosmos”… I should have her finished in the next couple of days.

I have been experimenting with a Time Lapse app, on my phone, that takes 1 image per second… and then plays back a slideshow video using 24 images per second. My entire painting sessions ~ from the initial sketches to my final brush-strokes ~ are captured on videos that run approximately 10-15 minutes. It’s pretty neat! :)

These full-length videos are available only to Patreon subscribers at the moment. However, I share shortened clips of them on my Facebook page. Here is a 1-minute clip of me painting Miss Peony’s pearl necklace:

In Other News:

Beginning next week, I will be sharing previews of my upcoming 2017 Literary Cats Calendar, which will launch on Kickstarter in early August.   I am running this project earlier than in previous years, which will hopefully enable me to have calendars available throughout the holiday season.

If you wish to purchase calendars, I would still urge you to pledge early! My leftover calendars will be “first-come, first-served”, with costumers who attend my shows in person taking priority. As a Kickstarter backer, in addition to the guarantee that you’ll receive the number of calendars you want, you will also get special bonus rewards that make great gifts themselves! :)

One final note:

Right now, I am running an End of June Sale, featuring 25% OFF everything listed in my shop. Alternately, you may use the coupon: JUNE25OFF in my Etsy shop; it is valid through June 30th, 2016.

Enjoy this gorgeous weather!
Cottage Garden June 2016

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