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The Post Where I Attempt to Mix Business and Pleasure

You know those women who are always sharing photos of their children, because… they photograph *every single thing* their child does? Awww, Jimmy is wearing mis-matched socks because HE DRESSED HIMSELF LIKE A BIG BOY! MAMA IS SO PROUD OF HER LITTLE MAN! ;)

Well, I confess that I am a Plant Mama. I take photographs every single day of my little green sprouts growing, blooming, and maturing into big strapping adult plants.


I literally have more photographs of my garden than of my children AND cats combined! My kids do remind me of this discrimination on a semi-regular basis. The cats don’t care. Hehe

How about cats IN the garden??

Merlin in the garden

Right now, my foxgloves are the highlight of the show. It is a shame they apparently aren’t true perennials, but hopefully they will reseed themselves. I did order some additional foxglove seeds to scatter everywhere.

I waited two years for these beauties to bloom!

Foxgloves blooming

White foxgloves

Pink foxgloves

I waited three years for this peony to grow from a tiny ball of roots into a droopy, bushy mass of strongly scented flowers!

White peony flowers

The poor thing is staked like a tomato plant. Next year, I will buy a nice cage for it.

One of the best things about having a cottage garden is that all these flowers make a beautiful backdrop for photography. I’ve had nearly as much fun staging my cat portraits as I did painting them! :)

My Violet Fairy kitty with foxgloves…

Violet Fairy Cat Painting

Doesn’t catmint make a lovely frame for my Daffodil kitty?


I loved staging Rose Fairy amidst the roses!


Here she is in front of the False Indigo, Baptisia hybrid “Blueberry Sundae”.


Speaking of Miss Rose, she is currently available for purchase via eBay auction, until Thursday at 1:25pm EST.

Rose Flower Fairy Cat Portrait

The Flower Fairy Cats are a new series I’m developing, based upon birth-month flowers. Each kitty is dressed in 19th century clothes, and wears a large flower on her head (in place of a hat).

I will be taking a brief hiatus from painting Flower Fairies (I’ve completed four so far!), so that I can get ready for the Maryland Faerie Festival, on June 11th-12th in Darlington, MD. There will be lots of new prints and merchandise available, featuring all of my new fairy cats! Now I need to locate an appropriate costume. ;)

I hope to have the remainder of the Fairy Cats finished by the end of summer. There will be twelve total, one for each month, and ALL of the originals will be listed on eBay (beginning at just ONE penny!) as they are completed. I also have special plans for them as a collection. ;)

If you interested in collecting any of these portraits, follow my user ID on eBay ~ TaraFlyArt. The next portrait in the series, “Morning Glory”, should be ready and listed in mid-June.

Just one more picture of my foxgloves….

Foxgloves blooming in garden

They aren’t a birth-month flower, but I might create a bonus Foxglove Fairy sometime! ;)

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