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Upcoming Art for Gods and Goddesses Auction

I am currently working on two pieces for this month’s Rabbit Hole auction (on the 24th). I am hoping to get them finished by Thursday, when fellow member, Kyra Wilson, will be producing a teaser video featuring some of our pieces. Her videos are the best! I am *almost* tempted to buy a MAC just to get iMovie. ;)

Last year, I had been shopping around for a video editor, because Windows Movie Maker 2.0 was driving me crazy! Well…. um, crazier than usual! Hehe I actually liked the original version of Movie Maker, but I can’t locate it anymore. The only downloadable versions are newer updates that removed some of the best features (I’ve heard you can PAY to add them back, of course!)

I had narrowed my search down to three contenders, based on friends’ recommendations, and I was leaning towards CyberLink Power Director. I had planned to purchase it before Christmas, but completely forgot about it (due to the busyness of the season) ….until our computer crashed in February. Wouldn’t you know it? The new computer we purchased came with Power Director already installed. :) I haven’t played with it yet, but I have several videos lined up to create this year, and I’m looking forward to the test-drive.

My two new paintings for this month’s Rabbit Hole auction are based on Greek mythology.

Here is a peek at the beginning of Pandora:
Pandora Cat by TaraFly
She is being painted in acrylics onto a slice of pine wood, measuring 9″x11″.

My other painting is Hades, and his three-headed hell-hound, Cerberus. Here is my sketch:
Hades Cat sketch
He is being painted in acrylics onto stretched canvas, measuring 11″x14″.

This piece was born from a confrontation with someone over the phone, which left me with the impression of being cornered by a three-headed snarling monster. The fact that I must interact with this person on a semi-regular basis just reinforces the feeling of being trapped in purgatory. Haha

Obviously, Hades & Cerberus is a bit different from my usual work; it is darker, or as Kyra remarked upon seeing my progress ~ “Intense!” My eight-year-old took one look and said, “That. Is. TERRIFYING!!” …but she approved. ;)

Fortunately, my family understands that I’m not always in the mood to paint cute stuff, but I’ve been noticing that my art has been getting creepier over the past several months. I’m not sure what to do about that, or if I should do anything except let it run its course.

Jessica Doyle, an artist friend, told me years ago: “Share your deepest secrets in your art, Tara.”

Her words have stuck with me, and yet I rarely ever paint anything truly personal. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m just not ready to let go of myself, and put my ALL of my feelings out into the world.

I have felt my growth as an artist over the past year, as I experiment with light and shadow, color and form. I have still so much to learn, but I believe I’ve crossed a milestone or two. However, I really need to focus on my personal voice, and putting more of myself into each piece. I want to tell stories with my art. I want to paint with more depth.

Anyway, you can see more of my painting progress, on both of these portraits, if you are a subscriber to my Patreon channel. ;)

In the meantime, you should check out what the other RHC members have been working on: here on the Rabbit Hole Artist Collective fanpage!

Remember that our auction begins March 24th! I will post Kyra’s video when its ready. :)

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