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Call For Cat Model Photos

I am looking over my calendar (yes, my brand new 2016 Literary Cats Calendar!), which has already been filled with deadlines for upcoming auctions, gallery shows, and other projects. I will be painting at least two dozen pieces this year! There will be a lot of new cat characters coming soon! :)

People are always giving me suggestions to feature various cat breeds/colors, and I try to accommodate everyone if I can, although it does get tough to keep track of requests. Black female cats, cream tabby male cats, orange tabby females, male Siamese, Russian Blues, and hairless cats are all on my eventual To-Paint list.

Sometimes, my paintings begin with a specific cat model (commissioned portraits, for example). More often, I have a particular character or theme in mind first, and then I chose a cat that fits the style or color palette of the piece. Occasionally, I will wait until the very end before painting the cat’s fur, so I can view the composition as a whole, and decide which color/breed works best with the costume.

I’ve used my own cats, friends’ cats, and random cats I’ve found online, as models for my paintings.

This year, I thought it might be nice to have an Open Call. Send me your cats’ photos!

Open Call for Cat Model Photos

A Cat Call!

What I Need:

• A clear head shot of your cat. Eyes, ears, mouth, facial markings, etc….

• I will need your name, contact info (e-mail), and your cat’s name and gender.

My characters are mostly clothed, so a full-body photo isn’t necessary, although being able to see your cat’s paws and forelegs would be great for costumes with short or no sleeves.

I have also been contemplating a new “semi-nude” series of burlesque Cabaret performers! Haha

Important Info

• These are not commissioned portraits. The original paintings will be available for sale.

• I cannot afford to pay a modeling fee, but if I decide to use your cat in my painting, I will send you a free print!

I will be using these photos as references for my regular paintings, auctions, and gallery events, and the themes have already been planned.

Upcoming themes include: Carnival/Circus, Greek Gods & Goddesses, Edgar Allan Poe, fairies & mermaids, Celtic legends, Roaring 20s, 18th century French court (Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette), holidays/Christmas, and a couple of creepy and/or surrealistic pieces for galleries.

By submitting your cats’ photos, you are allowing me to use them as models (if I choose) for my artwork, including reproduction prints and merchandise.

Depending on the response, it’s unlikely I will be able to use ALL of the photos I receive (*a-hem* fellow Crazy Cat Ladies! LOL), but I will keep them for future reference. Even if I get around to painting your cat in 2025, I will still send you a print. :)

How to Send Photos

Remember to let me know your cat’s name and gender ~ unless you don’t mind what your kitty wears! ;) ~ and if I use your photo, I will contact you to arrange sending your free print!

Thank you so much for your help!
I look forward to seeing all your gorgeous cats! =^,,^=

Tara Fly

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A Crazy Cat Lady … who divides her time between painting portraits of cats dressed in period costumes, watching BBC mini-series, growing weeds and wildflowers, and baking pumpkin pies seasoned with cat hair.
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