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A Few Photos of Snow….

I think it is safe to say that most East Coasters are sick of snow right now… and our friends are probably sick of hearing about how sick we are, and sick of seeing all the blizzard photos we’ve been sharing competitively on social media to gain public sympathy. ;)

But if you are one of those crazy adventurous people who LOVE SNOW, and live vicariously through others’ tales of winter woe, I am happy to share the following images that I captured, as Winter Storm Jonas descended upon my poor neighborhood.


It began innocently enough on Friday afternoon. This photo of my wishing well was taken at 4:30PM on Friday.

Snowfall on wishing well

Here is my wishing well again, at 11:00AM on Saturday morning. We received about 2′ of snow overnight.

Wishing well January blizzard

Another shot of our front yard on Saturday morning. Our birdbath is 2′ tall for reference.

Blizzard 2016 Saturday Jan 23rd

I took this photo from our second-storey window at 10:00AM.

Arial view of snowstorm

This was the wishing well at 4:00PM Saturday.

Garden wishing well buried in snow

Another photo of our front yard at 4:00PM. The poor birdbath has been buried by the blizzard.

Blizzard 2016 in Hagerstown MD

Arial View Neighbors' Lawn

I did notice the neighbors’ yards across the street had less snow than ours, likely because the wind was blowing from the east, and their row of houses were acting as a lee. Our backyard had less snow (than the front) as well, although we did have one giant drift near our backdoor.

Snow drift near back door

The storm ended late Saturday night, and I ventured out with a measuring tape….

Measuring the snow

The average seemed to be 39″ inches, although there were drifts as high as my face!

Our wishing well on Sunday at 9:30AM, the snow glistening in the morning sunlight.

Wishing well in the snow

While waiting for the plow to remove 3′ of snow from Bethlehem Ct, our neighbors emerged to dig out their cars.

Neighbor's car under snow

Neighbor's truck in snow

My husband shoveling our sidewalk and parking space. I shoveled our walkway on Saturday afternoon as well.

shoveling sidewalks

I also dug an area for our dog, Harley, to relieve himself. The cats were curious, too, although they appeared to be disgusted with me… as if all this cold, wet stuff on the lawn were MY FAULT! Haha

Cat disgusted with snow

Cats in the snow

This look on Merlin’s face says it all.

Disgusted cats

Angry cat in snow

The local weather channel says our city received 20-30 inches of snow over the weekend, although it seemed like much more than that! We were very fortunate in that we never lost electricity, we had plenty of food & drinks, and were well-stocked with movies and games to keep ourselves occupied.

Art News

I also had a couple of looming art deadlines to keep myself busy, including my Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s January auction, which began yesterday.

Hello again all of you lovely people and thank you for joining us! We are, once again, proud to present to you a…

Posted by The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective on Thursday, January 21, 2016

The dual theme was “Penny Dreadful” & “Love Spell”, and I chose to paint Mrs. Lovett as a cat! She is the baker friend of murderous barber, Sweeney Todd, who disposes of his victims by baking them into meat pies. Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett originally appeared as a penny dreadful serial published in 1846-47.

Mrs Lovett Cat Sweeney Todd

I had “The Worst Pies in London” stuck in my head all afternoon while I painted!

You can view all the available paintings being auctioned by the Rabbit Hole Collective by following this Facebook link; the auction ends on January 30th, 2PM EST.

Be sure to subscribe to my Patreon channel, if you want to check out more of my paintings-in-progress, pictures, and videos. :)

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