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A Druid Priestess Cat for the Rabbits

The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s November auction is live! It runs through November 30th, 2PM EST/7PM GMT. All the pieces created by our talented group are available for bidding (or Buy-It-Now).

Click below, or view the entire album here on our Facebook page:

This auction is OPEN! Happy Bidding!Hello again all of you lovely people and thank you for joining us! We are, once…

Posted by The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The dual-theme this month was “Fortune Tellers” & “Candy Land”. Some artists chose to incorporate both themes into one piece, others tackled the themes separately. I was only able to complete one piece for this auction, my “Druid Priestess Cat”. She was done in acrylics onto a masonite board, measuring 9″x12″.

Druid Priestess Cat by TaraFly

I was still in “monochromatic grey” mode after completing my last piece for Penumbra Boutique’s “Memento Mori” gallery show. Speaking of Penumbra… that exhibit is also live! It runs from November 21st ~ December 21st, and the actual gallery is located in Alverca, Portugal. However, the artwork may also be purchased online through their website, and Helena will ship anywhere in the world. :)

Here is the link to my painting in the exhibit, “Pax in Morte”.
Pax in Morte Memento Mori cat painting by TaraFly

I am currently working on a “Candy Land” themed painting, which was intended to go into the Rabbit auction, but as I missed today’s deadline, I will likely just put it up for sale once it is finished. It’s a cute little piece (about 6″x9″) featuring a kitty, in a gingerbread dress, strolling down the colorful Candy Land path, through a snow covered peppermint candy-cane forest. You can view my painting-in-progress by becoming a subscriber to my Patreon channel.
I think this painting would make the purr-fect treat for a holiday gift!

In other news, I will be vending at the Carroll County Farmer’s Market, in Westminster MD, this Saturday. My 2016 calendars will be available, as well as seasonal prints, cards, and merchandise featuring all my new paintings!

TaraFlyArt at Carroll County Farmer's Market

There are four weeks left in our winter market ~ Nov. 28th, Dec. 5th, 12th & 19th. I will be set up in my usual winter spot, in the second metal building, next to The Chocolate Connection, and across from the booth for Chestnut Creek Farm.

The chocolate ladies’ confections are too scrumptious to resist, especially as I usually leave the house before 5:00AM to set up, without eating breakfast. You will find me munching on their S’mores (marshmallow on graham cracker, coated in dark chocolate), and the pretzel sticks dipped in caramel and chocolate. Yummmm. Chestnut Creek has tasty fresh produce… but I’m not one to snack upon raw turnips and broccoli. LOL! I have enjoyed cooking their squash, spinach, and Brussels sprouts for dinner, though. ;)

If you are in the area, consider visiting the 2nd oldest Farmer’s Market in the state of Maryland! :)

Tara Fly

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