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Rabbit Hole Collective: Alice and Mermaids

The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s July auction is in full-swing, with a full album of gorgeous artwork provided by our 25 members. Many of our newest members jumped right in to paint new pieces specifically for our auction! The themes for this month were “Under the Sea” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

In addition to my mermaid piece, I was able to finish a small 5″x7″ acrylic painting on canvas panel, which I’ve titled “Catty Flowers”. :)
It depicts the flower garden which Alice stumbled upon in the 2nd chapter of Lewis Carroll’s sequel, “Through the Looking Glass”.

Catty Flowers Alice in Wonderland art

‘And can ALL the flowers talk?’
‘As well as YOU can,’ said the Tiger-lily. ‘And a great deal louder.’
‘It isn’t manners for us to begin, you know,’ said the Rose, ‘and I really was wondering when you’d speak! Said I to myself, “Her face has got SOME sense in it, though it’s not a clever one!” Still, you’re the right colour, and that goes a long way.’
‘I don’t care about the colour,’ the Tiger-lily remarked. ‘If only her petals curled up a little more, she’d be all right.’
~ “Through the Looking Glass”, Lewis Carroll.

You can admire and bid on all the beautiful mermaid and Alice-inspired pieces available in the album below.
A few pieces have already sold! Yay!

The auction ends July 31st, at 2:00PM EST.

The auction is now open!!!!Welcome to the Rabbit's July auction! We have two themes for you this month – Under the Sea…

Posted by The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective on Thursday, July 23, 2015

Since we decided as a group to make the switch to bi-monthly auctions, we had to combine our previously voted upon monthly themes for the remainder of the year.
Our next auction is scheduled for September 24th – October 1st, and its dual themes are “La Luna” and “Dark Fairy Tales”. Eh, didn’t we just do “Gothic Fairy Tales” back in February? LOL!

I haven’t even started planning my pieces for *that* auction.

What’s Up Next?

Art For the Animals

~ I am in full-planning mode for the local Art For The Animals charity auction (which benefits Guiding Eyes for the Blind). I completed six sketches for “Alice in Wonderland” cat portraits to submit this year to AFTA: 3 featuring Alice, plus the Red Queen, the Mad Hatter, and the Cat-erpillar.

No, I haven’t any plans to paint the Cheshire Cat. Sorry!

I may paint him sometime in the future. ;)


~ I will be finishing up my Garden Cat painting, which I took a break from so that I could get my auction pieces done on time. My Patrons following me on Patreon will be happy to hear that I have a ton of work-in-progress pics to share soon! I am going to do similar walk-throughs on Patreon for my AFTA Alice pieces. :)

Penumbra Gallery

~ I spoke to Helena from Penumbra Boutique, and was quite happy to learn that I had been mistaken about the art due date for her gallery show, “Memento Mori”. I had written down August 15th on my calendar, but that was merely the closing call for artists to be accepted into the show.
I don’t actually need to have my painting finished until November! Usually mis-reading a contract is a bad thing, but in this case, it worked out in my favor. Haha

The show runs from November 21st ~ December 21st. The physical address of the gallery is in Alverca, Portugal, where my artwork will be hanging on display; however, her gallery’s website is set up to accept online sales and they will ship art anywhere in the world!

I will still plan to get my piece for her show finished by late September, though, because I want to include it in my upcoming 2016 calendar for the month of October. I already have an idea in my mind for it, and I know it will be appropriately creepy. :)

2016 Literary Cats Calendar

~ I will begin planning the layout for my new calendar in August, including which pieces to include this time around! I want to paint a Thanksgiving portrait and a new Christmas portrait for the calendar as well.

I am leaning towards launching another Kickstarter to fund this batch of Limited Edition 2016 calendars, as everyone seemed to enjoy pledging and getting rewards last time around.
It will most likely go live around September 1st, and run for 3 weeks, so I can get the calendars printed and available to ship by mid-October. :)

So that’s all, folks! It’s going to be pretty busy around here. :)
Now go check out the Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s auction album!

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