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My Mercat Painting Is For The Rabbits

This Friday, July 24th, the dual-themed “Under the Sea” / “Alice in Wonderland” Facebook auction begins over at The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective.

I will be submitting two paintings, one for each theme, and my first piece is already complete!

“Under the Sea” is the working title for this, although I may change it before Friday. This is my merkitty playing a harp carved from a conch shell. It is an acrylic painting (of course) on cotton watercolor paper, measuring 9″x12″.

Mercat painting by TaraFly

Anyone interested in her should check the Rabbit Hole Facebook Page on Friday afternoon, 2:00PM EST, where she will be available with an opening bid and Buy It Now price. Like eBay, the BIN price is deactivated once bidding begins.

I am also finishing up an Alice piece inspired by the talking flowers she meets in “Through the Looking Glass”.

In June, The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective held an Open Call for Artists!

We sadly had to replace a few of our original members who had dropped out, due to personal & health reasons, or busy schedules that left little time for participating in our auctions. Our group was flooded with applications from really talented artists, and we were able to vote to fill the eight available slots.

I am pleased to present…

Our New Rabbits:

Meredith Dillman

Meredith as a plant addict and cat lover… just like me! ;) She also participated in both 78Tarot projects.

Meredith Dillman is an artist and illustrator known for her colorful watercolors which blend Art Nouveau, fantasy and Asian influences. She enjoys painting fairies, woodland creatures and other fantasy and medieval themes and has been drawing such since childhood. She is inspired by Pre-Raphaelite artists, Japanese comics, and turn-of-the-century book illustration.

Meredith graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a BFA degree in Illustration in 2002. She currently lives in Wisconsin. Her work has been published in instructional books and licensed for a variety of products and collectables. Meredith is the author and illustrator of the books Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies and Fantasy from Walter Foster and Fantasy Fashion Art Studio from Impact Books.

Meredith Dillman Fantasy Art

Carrie Hawks

Yay, another cat artist ~ a Rabbit Hole needs more cats in it! LOL I am glad she decided to apply.
She also participated in both 78Tarot projects, and she sent me the initial invite to join! :)

Carrie Hawks has been painting and drawing ever since she could remember. She fell in love with cats at an early age, and regards herself as primarily a cat artist, incorporating fantasy themes with most of the felines that she paints. Carrie feels that the eyes of a cat show their independent spirit. She tries to capture the cat’s mystical spirit in each of her paintings, and she paints cats in all colors of the rainbow!

Carrie lives in Florida with her husband, children, their six cats, and one dog. Her own cats are the inspiration and models for much of her work.

Carrie Hawks fantasy cat art

Deanna Davoli

Yet another 78Tarot member is now a Rabbit! I met Deanna down in Florida, at Megacon, and she’s super sweet. :)

Deanna grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo New York, until she moved to the Tampa Bay area of Florida in her 20s. Like most kids, she loved to get messy and use her hands to create anything she wanted. She did not start to experience art until high school, when she felt the desire to mentally escape, used art as her outlet.
She continued to develop her skills in college, studying art education and art history, and she taught elementary and middle school art for 4 years. She stills keep in contact with a few former students, and some of them even visit her at shows.

She loves the Art Deco/Nouveau era and almost all Asian and Indian styles. Her own work is dark fantasy based, which she says, displays a gothic romance.

Deanna Davoli art

Jessica Douglas

Yup, Jessica participated in both 78Tarot projects, too, and she does some awesome sculptural paintings adorned with beads. I love my dragon print on bamboo paper that she crowdfunded via Kickstarter. :)

Jessica has been an artist her entire life. There was never any question that she would not do art; she was even published at twelve in a book called “Saturday Afternoon”. Art is, was and always will be her fortune.

“When I was young, being an artist meant that you worked hard and you studied hard and eventually you became world famous in art galleries and you drank champagne all the time and wore black tie everywhere when not painting. As I grew older, being an artist meant that you had to be published. Be published, meet famous art directors, hobnob with extraordinary illustrators and authors….
I lost interest pretty swiftly in drawing concept art for games, and doing illustrations for other’s stories, as it never truly felt like it captured the soul of being me. And what is an artist, if not uniquely themselves?

So here we are, as I enter the middle years of my life, finally settling back to square one and doing art purely for the sake of doing art. Every piece I do has meaning and depth to it now. Even if it is ‘just a dragon’… well dragons were never really ‘just’ dragons, were they?”

Jessica Douglas art

Tiffany Toland-Scott

Another 78Tarot artist? Imagine that! ;) Tiffany has a crazy sense of humor (that Pasta Salad video?!) and is extremely talented. She also generously recommended her calendar publisher to me, when I did my Kickstarter project last fall.

Tiffany was born in 1987, in the Cascade Foothills of Washington State, and lived there for most of her life. Now she resides near the capitol of Montana with her husband, their son, and a menagerie of mischievous pets. She started drawing mythical creatures as a child, and when pressured in high school to select her future career, she put her foot down, said she was an artist, fast-tracked through her remaining high school education, and finished when she was 16.

She had her first show when she was 17 years old, a sell-out success, and Tiffany has been selling her work online and at art shows ever since.
Her inspirations are as eclectic and strange as the creepy little mining town – turned ghost town – turned hippie haven she grew up in. Victorian cemeteries, dark forests, haunted houses, ghost stories, American folklore, late summer thunderstorms, and folk magic play a central role in her artwork, and her creativity is fueled by Delta Blues music and Southern Gothic TV, books, and movies.

Tiffany Toland art

The next three artists were unfamiliar to me until they joined the Rabbits. I love how our group has embraced new faces! :)

Cora Crimson

Cora Crimson is a figurative painter who uses self portraiture and carefully chosen objects to construct, experience, and express a variety of narratives. Influenced by an academic background in mathematics, her artistic methods are logically structured, skillful, and deliberate. With an appreciation for introspection and the cerebral experience, Cora’s work explores the inner world where narratives take on a personal and symbolic form. She carefully re-creates her emotional reflections, and then paints them with a quality that is both surreal and realistic.

Cora regularly exhibits work in Southern California, and has been featured in publications such as the San Diego Reader, and Catapult Art Magazine.

Cora Crimson Art

Heather Bruton

Heather was born in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1961. Living on the edge of the Atlantic formed her strong interest in the natural world and a deep love of nature which continues to be a strong theme in her work to this day. In 1994, she moved to her present home in Kitchener, Ontario.
In 1978, Heather attended her first SF convention to show her work for the first time, and won two art show awards. Since then she has garnered over one hundred and fifty art show awards including three WorldCon art show awards. In the early ’90s, she began working for the gaming industry, producing art for collectible card games and role-playing games.

Heather loves British and Celtic-inspired folk music, ancient history ~ especially that of Egypt, Japan, and Native American, as well as paleontology and archaeology. When she has free time, she dabbles in building and painting garage kit models.

Heather Bruton art

Noa Illustracion

I haven’t been able to locate any info on Miss Ainhoa, our colored pencil portrait artist from Madrid, Spain… although she has portfolios in every corner of the internet. She doesn’t like to talk about herself, apparently, nor does she participate regularly in our group chats ~ perhaps because of the language barrier (although we have other Spanish speaking Rabbits).
We will all be curious to get to know her better. ;)

Noa Illustration art

Several of our new artists have already jumped in to create pieces for our July 24th auction! Be sure to follow The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective Facebook page to see more of our artwork. :)

Tara Fly

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