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Happy Independence Day!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by self-imposed deadlines, and kicking myself while I attempt to prioritize all the things on my To-Do list.

I joked about needing to hire a secretary (who will work for cookies!), but organization is something I have struggled with my entire life.
My desk is a mess, my studio is a bigger mess, and my brain is the biggest mess of all! LOL

I would take a picture to show you…. my desk & studio, not my brain! LOL

Calendars help with linear deadlines, but some of these events are more important than others. I write lists all the time, and they get lost on my desk! I post Sticky Notes on my computer desktop, too. Now my screen is A MESS of Sticky Notes! Last night, I deleted a couple Notes that I wrote back in March. :P

My Google App Calendar pings me several times per week, reminding me to check vendor applications, write blog posts, paint holiday themed art, and a slew of things that I felt were important enough to schedule-in-advance six months ago.

Voodoo Priestess Cat Painting by TaraFly

Voodoo Priestess Cat ~ auction ending on July 6th, 2015.

In the midst of my meltdown, I checked eBay to see how my latest auction is doing… I’ve listed my Original Painting of Voodoo Priestess Cat here for sale. The auction began at one penny, and it has reached $50 in 2 days.
I was extremely happy to see people were interested in her! It was a reality check that everything will be okay. :)

My frustration stems from the fact that I have been under increasing amount of pressure to grow as an artist, to seek out new opportunities, and to be able to say with confidence that I am running a self-supporting business.
It technically is supporting itself these days, and while everyone has good months and bad months (especially self-employed people), I am thankful that *most* of my months are good ones.

I have some very lean periods, too. :P
June and July have always been my two worst months for selling artwork, and I suffer from guilt because I assume the responsibility for our empty pockets. It is no coincidence that last summer I considered applying for a part-time summer job!
I need to come up with a creative way around this seasonal slump, which generally only lasts through mid-August. By September, sales pick up steadily and we are swamped by the time the holidays roll around. That is stressful, too, but an entirely different kind of stress! Haha ;)

Earlier in the spring, I was actually looking forward to *slowing down* this summer and taking a mini-vacation: to garden, to paint, and to spend time with the kids (without lesson plans and worksheets between us).

Kids studying insects under microscope

Mia and Jacob studying insects at the D.C. Zoo.

My mind, however, doesn’t seem to switch off easily. If there aren’t any deadlines looming over my head, I will invariably invent some. I will say “Yes” to a dozen projects, and cram my calendar like the Lost Mitten. LOL

This weekend, I am working to fully stock my Etsy shop. I have never successfully listed every product that I sell, although it has been a New Year’s Resolution for several years in a row. I will unfortunately be unable to attend the Farmer’s Market this weekend, but I’m running a Fourth of July sale on Etsy instead!

I’ve set up special listings to purchase prints and cards on sale, rather than editing ALL the items’ prices individually. Just purchase the sale listing and request the prints that you want. :)

I am also working on two paintings, including this mermaid piece for the upcoming Rabbit Hole auction on the 24th.

Pencil sketch of mermaid cat

Although my July 4th will be spent working, I am celebrating my own “Independence Day”!
Every day, even in the midst of chaos, I am conscious of the fact that I owe my artistic freedom and self-sufficiency to my fans who continue to support me. =^,,^=

My husband actually has the holiday off work (a rarity in retail!), so we will be taking the kids to watch fireworks tomorrow night. :)

Happy Independence Day to you!

Happy 4th of July Cat!

Tara Fly

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